Saturday, December 19, 2009

12.14.09 - Busy time of year

So I have been meaning to post more each week...It's amazing how time flys by in general, but especially around the holidays. From making my christmas cards and baby announcements to finding time to decorate our Christmas tree, it seems like time is not on my side right now. That said, Liam is growing like a weed! Last Tuesday, he checked in at 11 lbs 6 oz. He is also awake more during the day while staying with grandpa Steve, but luckily still sleeping well at night.

This past weekend was quite busy. Liam finally got to meet his GiGi Ehrlich, as my grandmother came in town and will be staying here for about a month. I am so glad Liam gets to meet her! My uncle also came down for a short visit, so Liam got his first official Missouri Tiger stuffed animal. Although, my uncle is also a HUGE Giants fan, so will have to keep a watch on Liam's contact with him through football season! LOL =) Only Cowboys for us!!

Dustin also ran in the White Rock marathon this past Sunday. He ran the 1/2 marathon which is 13.2 miles in 2 hrs and 1 minute. He is an amazing athlete, who I hope Liam gets his athletic ability from! I went to watch the runners finish up - it was such a cool event! In fact so inspiring, I have commited to run it next year along with a coworker of mine. I thought it would be a good way to get back in shape post pregnancy and also have something to work for!

We have a busy rest of the week too. Liam has two appointments this Friday. The first is his check up with the cardiologist and the second appointment is to repeat his swallow test to see if we can finally start to bottle feed him. Hopefully since he is compensating so well with his vocal chords, he will be able to take something by mouth now. He is also holding his head up really well now and seems to have grown a lot stronger since we were there the last time. I really think this could be it...Keep praying for us!

Speaking of busy...I forgot to post this when I wrote it!!

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