Friday, December 30, 2016

Sweet Adeline

Our sweet baby girl, Adeline Louanne, was born on November 30 =) We are over the moon in love with her!

SHE is what we have been up to these past couple months! 

She has the biggest blue eyes and a head full of strawberry blonde hair!  We were so very suprised to find out that we had a "She!"... We chose to wait to find out the gender until the baby was born and Dustin and I were convinced we were having another boy! But God had other plans, and we are loving every minute of it 💗

My birth was amazing - everything I has asked for in prayer, God delivered!  He is so faithful - I prayed for a uncomplicated, painfree and joyful birth experience.  I woke up the morning before my weekly checkup (where I was going to be "naturally induced" with a membrane sweep...let me just say ouch on that one) and started having some randomly timed contractions.  I knew they were labor contractions, but they weren't very strong and the timing was inconsistent, happening anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes apart!  I called my midwife and she suggested I come in to get checked.  I got my things together, coordinated childcare for my boys and left for the doctor's office - which I thought was scheduled for the office at the hospital (which is where we headed too) but come to find out my midwife was at the other office location, as was my scheduled appt - woops!  However, God knew where I needed to be, and once I arrived at the hospital office, the other midwife checked me and lo and behold I was already dialated to 6!  I hadn't even told Dustin to leave work yet!  I text him as the midwife walked me over to L&D....yes, WALKED, lol.  My contractions were so strange, still only happening about 5-7 minutes apart and not as strong as I thought they would be.  While I was waiting for Dustin to arrive, I was very much at peace and it really was a joyful time....the nurses and I were chatting while they checked me in, even laughing at some points!  When Dustin arrived about 30 minutes later, we continued to chat and he was able to help me through the next 30 minutes of contractions until it was time to push. And that came about suddenly!!  I was praying for a short transition, given my last birth with Noah which was so very painful, but with Adeline I can honestly say I don't think I even had a transition!  It was amazing!  The pushing part however, was a lot harder than I expected, as Adeline was turned face up.  Even still, I pushed through (haha) and 45 minutes later, she was born!

I am in awe of God who heard and listened to my prayers for this birth...While I can't say it was 100% painfree, the pain was so minimal that I was able to focus on meeting our new baby and stay in the moment to really cherish the process.  I am so thankful He answered our prayers, even our unspoken ones =)