Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

11.20.11 - No news is good news

We did not hear anything back from the monitoring, which is good news.  Dr. Verma said that if they saw something that was immediately concerning, he would be contacted and then he would call us.  If not, it will take a week to get the results.  We did not hear anything Thursday or Friday, so I'm thankful that is a good sign nothing serious is going on with the vibrations.  They have seemed less noticeable this weekend, but I'd still like to know why this is happening.  We have our regular appointment December 2, so I am anxiously awaiting that day!

On another note, we had to go by the cardiologist instead of visiting the nature park on Wednesday (we were literally on our way out the door when this momma got the urge and prompting to go ahead and call about the vibrating just to be sure), so on Friday, we finally got to go.  It is becoming one of mine and Liam's favorite places to go.  We've had nature walks down to the creek that runs through it and walks up to the "tower" that overlooks the city.  They also have a huge playground that is perfect for toddlers.  It is just a beautiful place that is only 10 minutes from our house.  I didn't even know about it until a few months ago!  We've lived in our town for 6 years and I never knew this little gem of a place was down the street!

The Tower

The view
It was a little chilly and windy...Brrr!

Playing on the playground

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving week! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11.16.11 - Thrills and Chills

Not to worry anyone, but Liam is under Holter monitor surveillance for the next 24 hours.  How did this happen, you ask?  Well, this morning I noticed Liam's chest was right over his heart, no distinct beats really, just vibrating to the rhythm of a heartbeat...kind of hard to describe I guess.  I've never felt this in Liam's chest before, so it was definitely something new.  I called Dr. Verma this afternoon (I waited, as Liam was showing no signs of ANY kind of illness, distress, etc.) because I still felt it.  He did not really seemed too concerned, but said with any kind of heartbeat issue, just as a precaution we should probably have Liam wear a Holter just to be sure he is not having any arrhythmia's.  So we went into the office late this afternoon about 4:30 to get the monitor hooked up and have an EKG done.  None of the doctors were there, but they faxed over the EKG report to our Cardi Dr. Verma, and he called back before we were even back in the car from leaving the office!  He said the EKG looked fine, but hopefully the monitor would tell us more if more needs to be told.  Our regular scheduled appt. is Decemeber 2, so at least we won't have to wait too long to get an echo done to follow up.  I know some heart parents have experienced this, so I would love any feedback if anyone has any - The googling I've done has not helped!

On a lighter note, we've been some busy bees around here with the holidays fast approaching!  I did get a chance to finally take Liam to the new aquarium on Monday.  I met up with my dear friend and her kids for the aquarium and then we all went to lunch.  I did get some pictures, but with my small Powershot and without using the flash like I was told not to, none of them are very good....However, the kids LOVED it! They had "petting zoos" at the end, where the kids could touch and hold crabs, starfish and other sea creatures and they had a big jungle gym thing for the kids to play on, so us mommies could get some much needed chatter in too!! LOL.  It was a very well planned aquarium!
Liam and Harper ready to start the tour!

Sting ray tank

See-through floor you could stand on and look below at the sting rays...very cool!
Caught this guy at just the right moment!

Giant fish fossil!

This was the giant tank connected with the 360 degree "tunnel" - very cool also!

I've also been working on starting a new family tradition of the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) advent calendar.  I know some of my other blog mommies are doing this too and I think it's a great idea!  I've got all our ideas for our kindness acts planned out, so now I just need to finish decorating the bags and think of small "gifts" Liam will receive each day.  I'm really excited to be planning traditions for our family and I'm hoping this one is a keeper!

Just to share some other randomness, Liam is starting to say the funniest things!  Today his line was "I don't like that too much".  I would start talking to him or making funny sounds and he would say that.  Too cute!  But he has also started saying, "I can't do it!" - like yelling it sometimes.  I had to question where he was learning "can't" at such a young age....He has been watching a lot of Caillou (PBS show) lately and I think that's where he is getting it.  Anyways, I'm combatting it with "You can do ALL THINGS through Christ, who strengthens me!" Phil 4:13.  He already knows one bible verse, so I'm realizing for teaching purposes, I need to know my scripture to teach him what is true and not true.   He loves learning them too!  In addition to this, I am making him and the little ones in my family these printable scripture cards from I Can Teach My Child blog.  They are so adorable, and Liam loves his flashcards. 

And as far as chills go, tonight is finally getting down to near freezing temps here in North Texas!  I can't wait for this weather to finally settle in and stay awhile!  Unfortunately we are used to having warm Thanksgivings...but praying this year maybe we can wear a sweater to dinner for once!

I'll keep everyone posted on the monitor results.  Hoping and praying it's nothing!  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11.9.11 - Family Photos

This past weekend we spent some time up in my old college town to take some family pictures and attend a wedding of some precious friends of ours.  A sweet friend of mine took our photos and did a great job, as Liam was tricky to get a smile out of and to get to sit still for more than a split second! 

Things around here have been great, the weather is finally starting to turn cooler and we are excited for the holidays right around the corner! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.2.11 - Halloween Pics

We had a great Halloween trick-or-treating for this first time!  This time last year, we were on the heels of a hospital stay and on the eve of another surgery, so we stayed home, but not this year!  Liam had a great time and went as a puppy dog.  We found a cute vest with a puppy hood and tail.  I knew Liam wouldn't wear a full outfit, so this was just perfect for him, even though he wouldn't wear the hood.  Thankfully, he left it on long enough to snap a couple pictures.  Our street was full of kids, so it was neat to be part of the whole Halloween thing again =)

I would like to say my workout clothes were a planned costume...but I'd be lying LOL
He held that pumpkin basket tight all night!  I kept asking if he wanted me to carry it and he kept telling me no!

Trick-or-treat!  He got the knocking on the door part down pat, but didn't want to talk...too bad too, his "trick-or-treat" was so cute!!
The cool scary house down the street...We had only seen it passing by during the day to go to the park, so I was anxious to see it at night!  It didn't dissapoint...very cool with music and lights!  Needless to say Liam said no to trick-or-treating at this house....and after that at all actually!

Back at the house, hanging out on the front porch and looking through our candy basket for more goodies!

Dots was one of the few candies he can eat...he loved them!  Maybe because they are exactly like fruit snacks?!

More please!
One more piece of candy before bed time...
Watching all the trick-or-treaters!  I think he had more fun passing out candy at our house!  He told every who came up... Happy Halloween!!