Thursday, January 17, 2019

Post-Op #3 - Moving up soon

The docs just made rounds, Liam continues to do well.  He’s in more pain today, so thats been tough to see, he’s just super uncomfortable 😞.  They did take out his pee tube and an arterial line in his wrist.  Good news is that they are getting ready to move him to the main floor.  He should get his neck arterial line out before then also.   

He hasn’t wanted anything to eat yet, but has had a popsicle and some powerade and has held that down.  When we get to the main floor, the goal is to get him up and moving.  I think this will be the most challenging task so far, as well as getting the chest tubes out, so please pray for peace and comfort for him ❤️. But its great that things are progressing so quickly.

Please also pray for me, and body is very achy hopefully just due to exhaustion and stress...I don’t have any other symptoms, but Im monitoring my temperature just in case.  I may head home this afternoon to rest and maybe make a doc visit to be sure its not anything else.  🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻  I trust God has things under control no matter what bumps in the road we see!  


  1. You are all covered in much love and prayers!

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