Thursday, January 17, 2019

Moving up!

Its been a busy day!  Liam got moved to the main floor about an hour ago.  Before the move, they removed his final arterial line from his neck and the most exciting news was he got up walking!! 🙌👏 My prayer was he wouldn’t feel any pain or be scared, and boy was God faithful!! He didn’t miss a beat, and took very little coaxing to get out of bed.  In fact, he was like “Lets just walk upstairs now!” Lol.  Guess where the video games are?!   And we didn’t even have to bribe him!  He walked the whole length of the hall the first go.  I stand amazed!

He took a wheelchair up to our current room now on the main cardiac floor.  The last big hurdle will be getting the 2 chest tubes out.  Not to get too graphic, but they are still draining quite a bit, but its all normal.  The more he is up and moving the better, so thats the plan the next couple days.  Until those are out, the nurse said it’s unlikely he will be able to tolerate a lot of food, which is fine, but to push staying hydrated.  Then when the tubes come out, get back to normal eating and then home!! 

He is pretty beat this afternoon, so Im praying he gets a good nights rest tonight.    Im feeling a bit better, but now Noah is going to need a doctor visit tomorrow - I think he’s got what Liam had a few weeks ago ☹️ So im going home for tonight, while Dustin takes night duty and then Ill be back around mid morning.

We are just in awe of every step of this journey and how God is so faithful.  He is our Jehovah Nissi!  Our banner and victory!!


  1. Such great news! We stand in awe with you!
    We have such a good good father! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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