Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year News

I know that title probably spurred many of you to come to the blog, hoping to find news of possibly another child on the way, and while we would love to be able to announce that, God has other plans for us right now and we are at peace and enjoying each moment He gives us.  Last year was a difficult year for us with pregnancy issues, but we are staying positive about it and hopefully someday we will be able to share news of a new little one!  I just wanted to update because I know we have a lot of people praying for us in this area, and we are truly grateful for that.  We are happy and at peace where God has us right now.  Liam is doing great, has been super healthy for a very long time (not even the sniffles this whole fall/winter season, PRAISE GOD!) and is enjoying living life as a normal (well, it's OUR normal!) 4 year old.  We have been blessed by God's grace and provision for our family, and will continue to give Him the glory and praise and trust Him for wherever He leads us.

SO, what is this news, you may be asking.  Dustin and I have started the application process to become a Host Family through an organization called Safe Families for Children.  We first learned about it through the church Liam attends school at.  The church was starting a new Foster Care Ministry, and we opened our hearts to what we felt like the Lord was prompting us and attended the first meeting, but didn't really know what area of service we would be serving in.  During the meeting, Safe Families did a presentation, and Dustin and I felt like the Lord moved on our hearts to become a Host Family.  It is a wonderful program that I had never even heard of before.  I didn't realize programs like this existed, but the mission of the organization is exactly what drew us in.  While we didn't find God prompting us yet for Foster Care or Adoption, this program seemed to hit our hearts.  We especially are interested in helping to support families in this program whose children have acute or complicated medical needs, which I feel we are fit to handle.  We covet your prayers during this time of application and approval!  We are excited to have this door opened.

On other fronts, everything here is well.  House projects are coming along nicely and since it is almost 75 degrees today - beautiful day in Texas! We Dustin is installing on our new front door (Thanks big bro! And who are we kidding, most of this "house work" is being done by my super fabulously talented hubby!) - Pictures to come when it is complete =)

Liam is quickly becoming a fan of playing computer games - it is nice, but I am realizing just what a different environment us parents are having to face as our children learn about technology....iPad, iPhone, computers...I've never seen his attention span last longer than when he is playing some type of technology...I find it quite difficult to set boundaries!  That is one of my goals for this year!

I will leave yall tonight with pictures from the last few weeks with Christmas!  Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

I love our church family!


Roxy and Liam eating some lunch =)

He was BUSY coloring!!