Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 years and 5 weeks!

Liam turned 5 at the end of September!! Talk about time flying by -- I struggled so much with what to do for his birthday, but we decided to just do a family outing at his favorite park for dinner.  I'm hoping to do some kind of party for him this month, but still undecisive - mainly just don't want to get any germs around Noah, and it's not the best time of year to avoid them!! 

Liam is such a good big brother....I just can't get over how in love with Noah he is...and I am so thankful for that!  It's funny, he likes to be "in the know" with everything Noah is doing - very big on knowing what kind of diaper he has (wet? is it poopy? big poopy? what color...etc) and he often remembers for me what side I last nursed on, which is very helpful when I am sleep deprived during the day and can't remember.  In fact they recently started snuggle time on the couch in the mornings (don't worry, I don't go too far away from them)  but it is the sweetest. thing. ever.

 Noah is 5 weeks old!  Man, time is flying by - He is doing great, gaining weight like a champ and just a really good baby.  We are so blessed to have him home for the first weeks of his almost felt like we had never had a newborn before!  With Liam being in the NICU for the first 3 weeks of life, the nurses mostly had the overnight duties and a lot of the day to day care, so it's been new for us for sure!  Thankfully Noah is a pretty good sleeper at night, although he does wake about every 3 hours to eat still.  But at least in between he sleeps =)

Noah's 1 month appointment showed his weight up to 9 lbs 8 oz (a gain of 2 lbs since birth!) and everything healthy as can be. He is happy for the most part when he is awake and sleeps well.  He is just started to follow things with his eyes and be awake for longer periods during the day, which is fun.  

All in all, we are doing wonderfully adjusting to having Noah in the family.  It's always busy busy around here, but when was is not? LOL  More to come soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our newest addition!

Our sweet Noah Henry was born 9.10.14 -- 7 lbs 7 oz -- 18 inches

Lots of blonde hair!  And he looks exactly like Liam when he was born!
Right after delivery

Noah's first family picture

Going home!

Noah is doing great and we came home the next day after birth.  My labor was a little longer than I expected being this my second child I always heard they came a lot faster than the first.  But I am thankful he come on his own in the timeframe we were looking for! I started having contractions shortly after my OB appointment Tuesday morning of last week.  It was a slow going until the next morning, and Noah came pretty quickly and arrived at 9:05 Wednesday morning.  I opted to forego pain meds and epidural, and was successful, however I am not sure I would do that again! LOL  But I am glad everything went smooth and I recovered much faster this time around.  He has been feeding great, gaining weight and being a normal baby.  We did have a slight jaundice issue which prompted some home phototherapy treatment last weekend.  I actually got a little emotional when they delivered the equipment to our house, mainly because I am hormonal!  But it brought back some memories of Liam's birth, and those feelings came unexpectedly.  But all is well, after much prayer and hearing from the Lord about it, I am at peace.  It is so sweet for me to see both my boys together - Such sweet precious miracles they both are!

We have been adjusting to life at home with a newborn and trying to maintain some sort of consistency in our days for Liam sake -- it's been a challenge, but we have wonderful family and friends here who have helped out this past week and we are SO appreciative! 

More to come!  I'm off to feed our lil guy!  Love and hugs to all - thanks for keeping up with us!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Progress Reports and Back to School!

Thought I'd better post another update before the baby gets here and you don't see me for awhile again, haha.  I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and we are counting down the days until delivery!  I've started on some Evening Primrose Oil to help things along, so it could be anytime!

About 36 weeks here!
 Liam had his 6 month cardiology appointment last Tuesday, and it couldn't have gone better!  I think this was the best visit he has EVER had - news and all!  So, Dr. V has been watching him for some isolated high pressures in the 70's in his conduit they have been seeing on the Echo at each previous appointment....I was so very hopeful, this would be the year with NO medical interventions being needed (aka, no heart cath!)...Praying very hard for favor and a break to say the least.  Well, it turns out, Dr. V reported that they didn't even see ANY isolated high pressures on his Echo this time, and pressures were consistent in the 40's!!  You can't even imagine how sweet that news was to our ears!  We serve a mighty God, who hears our prayers!!  So we go back for a routine visit next February.  SOO very thankful!!

Liam also had his first "official" day of Pre-K yesterday...He is growing up so fast!  He still is going 2 days a week at a local church right down the street from us.  His teachers are super sweet and have already sent multiple communication emails, which gets a HUGE A + plus with this momma!  He had a great first day, although he did say he was a little "nervous" and then asked me what that meant, lol.  He is very excited they do not have to take naps this year too, and I am grateful we do not need to lug his nap mat up to school anymore, ha!

Ms. Kim and Ms. Jen at meet the teacher

First day of Pre-K!

Mommy and Liam before class starts

Cute first day picture taken by his teachers - so thoughtful and sweet!!

We are also "trialing" a year of homeschool Kindergarten on our days at home.  I have always gone back and forth with a decision to homeschool, but I feel like there are a lot of great reasons it will work well for Liam and our family, so decided to do a test run this year, since he won't officially be Kindergartner age until next year.  We are mainly focusing on learning to read, handwriting and math.  He loves the idea of me being his "teacher" and having "lessons" at home.  My parents will also be helping some in his teaching, as my mom is a grade school art teacher and my dad is a musician, so it has become a family affair!  I opted not to start with an actual curriculum set, but instead, researched and chose several books to help guide us in our goals for his learning this year:

Devotional: (REALLY loving this devotional for little boys - perfect in length and content!)

 Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Engelmann, Siegfried

Character building:
Coriell, Ron

Barden, Christine H.  
Science:   God's Marvelous works; Book One by Teacher's Edition (1975) - I found two editions at our local thrift store and bought them on a whim -- Indeed they are a little old, I love the way it presents science in relation to God's creation, and I am excited about doing some simple experiments and reading out of them, hopefully for a few years!
History and geography will be more play (puzzles, games) and bible story based.   

I am holding onto all my plans for the year loosely and just letting God take control and direct our steps.  I know with the new baby, there will be a lot of changes, so I am at peace knowing things may or may not work out, but I am hopeful homeschool will work out and be a fun process.

That's about all in our world right now - We have a lot on our plate, but are full with God's blessings and provision.  We are excited about this new stage as parents and a family and can't wait to see all God has for us in this season!  Thanks for journeying along with us, we are so grateful for all the loving support and prayers you all provide us!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer fun!

Sorry it may have seemed I have abandoned my blog lately!  Just wanted to hop on for a minute and provide some updates and hopefully a picture or two - All is going well in our little family, and baby #2 is growing steadily and healthily!  I am right at 34 weeks, and news from yesterday's visit is my midwife is hoping I will go into labor between 37 or 38 weeks...which means, right around the corner!!

I'll have to be honest I'm a little bit more anxious and nervous with this birth.  Mainly because I am taking blood thinners for my clotting disorder and just not sure how my body will respond with that during delivery and postpartum.  We are expecting a healthy baby boy, the fetal echo was completely normal and so was the anatomy scan, so we are SO very thankful there are no indications of any issues with the baby.  Plan is to hopefully go into labor naturally and deliver under a nurse midwife at the hospital.  Very different than what we had planned for Liam's arrival!  But I feel more educated this time around and I just want to experience everything moment by moment.

Summer has been great - I am very thankful living in Texas, it has been very mild - we haven't had too many days of extreme heat, and actually a lot of very nice weather, which has been great.  Liam is doing great as well, still enjoying gymnastics once a week and getting ready to turn 5!  I can't believe it!  He won't officially be in kindergarten this fall due to his age and birthday, but we are planning on homeschooling him kindergarten curriculum this year as a trial to see if that may be a good option for him.  He will still be in a preschool program at church 2 days a week for now as well.

Heart stuff has been remaining low on the radar, which is great.  His next appointment is August 26, so we will see if anything has changed on his echo.  I am not quite sure what the next step will be, but I'm praying we will not have to pay our deductible this year for the first time in 5 years for him!

That's about it for now!  I'll leave you with some picture highlights of our summer - Fall is slowly approaching and there will be lots of "newness" to come for us!  Will **try to keep the blog updated with our little ones arrival!  Blessings and love to all of you!

On our way to Atlanta in June to visit cousins!  Stopped at Vicksburg visitor's center for this pic!

Cousin silliness!

Cosuin love!

On the road back to our home state of Texas - Liam did great in the car, but we realized this trip, he really does get car sick...very easily =(

July 4th with more cousins!

Pool time with mommy

Belly pic @ 29 weeks

Cousins - had a little family reunion back to back with both my family and Dustin's family - We are so blessed!

Cousins at their very first circus!  And mine too =)

Add caption

Annual birthday weekend celebration for the cousins!

Family portrait in our handmade tye dye shirts!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Liam lately

Been awhile since I've done an update!   School is winding down to a close and I am trying to use all my new found energy to get work caught up before summer.

Our morning routine for crazy bed head - a warm wet wash cloth on the head while he eats breakfast tames the crazy!

too cool!

Liam has been a big ham lately!  He is really LOVING two things especially at the moment - Gymnastics and math.  Strange set, I know, lol.  Gymnastics is going great, it is really bolstering his confidence (which was needed - He is not a typically fearless little boy, which I always thought was a good thing, ha!).  Every week he is mastering more and more and I am so proud of him!  I am thankful they continue classes year round, so we will continue through the summer.

Liam also had his first not-from-home haircut recently - I have been cutting his hair from home (or rather butchering it at times, haha) so before school pictures, we went and had it professionally done - He sat still better for the hairdresser than he ever had for me, which I was worried about!

Although I do love his long locks, I am about to go back to buzz cuts for summer!

Here are some pictures from his recent Field day at school - it was SOO windy and chilly that day, but the kids all had a blast and it was fun to spend the day with him at school

Sack race - he was one of the few ones that actually wanted to jump in the sack!

Still loves bubbles!

Runny nose all day!  Love that Texas wind!

More bubble fun!

Yummy cotton candy!
Liam will miss the cutoff for kindergarten next year, since he is a late September kiddo...we are still praying about where God wants him next year for school.  I love his school this year, it is so conveniently close by and the hours are perfect, but I do wish he could go 3-4 days per week to prepare him for Kindergarten, and they only offer a 2 day program. 

Baby Johnson is doing great - we just had our anatomy sonogram yesterday and everything looked great and healthy.  We go to see Dr. V for our fetal echo on Friday, and I am believing the results will be normal and healthy with that as well!  I am getting a little anxious about having another baby...I guess it just feels like SO long ago since Liam was born, I feel like I don't remember much!  Plus, his first months were not the norm, so I also feel a little unprepared as to what to expect.  Also knowing how fragile pregnancy and birth can be this time around also has me a little more cautious.  God is giving me His peace though, and I trust whatever He brings our way!  We are blessed and thankful for this gift and season right now!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet sixteen....Finally an update!

This Sweet Sixteen is a very special one….today I am officially 16 weeks pregnant!  Last year was a tough journey, but God has graced us with another sweet little blessing – while Liam has 3 other siblings at home with the Lord, we are prayerful that we all may get to hold this dear one in our arms.  We are so excited and overjoyed at the Lord's faithfulness and goodness! 

I am due September 25...5 days before Liam's birthday! We find out April 24th the gender and then will have a fetal echo done in May to check the baby’s heart.  I am currently on daily injections of Lovenox (blood thinner) for my blood clotting disorder they discovered last year.  Everything has been great so far, minus the long duration of morning sickness and fatigue, unlike what I experienced with Liam.  However, I was so thankful for that reminder that things were progressing!

I think I have started barely feeling our little one moving as of a few days ago…the little flutters are very gentle, but I started remembering them from when I was pregnant with Liam.  It is also a little surreal as my last pregnancy seems SO long ago!!  The Lord has walked us through quite a bit in the last 5 years, I feel MUCH older this time around, LOL!

In other news, we are still pursuing the Safe Families ministry I mentioned a really long time ago in my last post, ha!  They have processed our application and we will start training hopefully in the next week or so.  We have a few documents and housekeeping things to take care of before we become an official host family, but it should be soon!  We are excited for this opportunity to minister from our home to other families and serve them in their time of need. 

Liam is doing great!  He had his 6 month cardiology check up in February, and everything is status quo – almost exactly the same as 6 months prior…which is good news, however, his pressures remain in the mid 60’s, so Dr. V said we will possibly be looking at a heart cath around August to go in a take a look and take accurate measurements of those pressures.  Thankfully, there has been no talk of surgery yet, although we know in the next couple years, another one is eminent.  But we will take all the good news we can get until then, so his last appointment was great by our standards!

We also just signed Liam up for gymnastics and he absolutely LOVES it!  It is a whole hour, which is great for exercise and to work on his gross motor skills – He is doing great so far, but is behind the girls in his class for cartwheels, ha!  I also just started water aerobics 2-3 days per week – let me just tell you, it is a LOT harder than I was expecting!  It’s a very good workout, but easy on the joints, which is exactly what I need right now.

Dustin is doing well also, and just got a new job!  He starts April 1.  While he has enjoyed working at his current company for the past 8 years, this is a well-deserved promotion and a chance to grow in a much larger company.  We are very proud of all of his hard work in providing for our family and are so thankful God brought him this opportunity. 

Our house renovations have progressed a little, we have a finished new front door and are hoping to start on our master bathroom renovation soon.  Someday I will post pictures!

Thanks for keeping up with us!  Hopefully, I will start posting more updates =)  Love to you all!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year News

I know that title probably spurred many of you to come to the blog, hoping to find news of possibly another child on the way, and while we would love to be able to announce that, God has other plans for us right now and we are at peace and enjoying each moment He gives us.  Last year was a difficult year for us with pregnancy issues, but we are staying positive about it and hopefully someday we will be able to share news of a new little one!  I just wanted to update because I know we have a lot of people praying for us in this area, and we are truly grateful for that.  We are happy and at peace where God has us right now.  Liam is doing great, has been super healthy for a very long time (not even the sniffles this whole fall/winter season, PRAISE GOD!) and is enjoying living life as a normal (well, it's OUR normal!) 4 year old.  We have been blessed by God's grace and provision for our family, and will continue to give Him the glory and praise and trust Him for wherever He leads us.

SO, what is this news, you may be asking.  Dustin and I have started the application process to become a Host Family through an organization called Safe Families for Children.  We first learned about it through the church Liam attends school at.  The church was starting a new Foster Care Ministry, and we opened our hearts to what we felt like the Lord was prompting us and attended the first meeting, but didn't really know what area of service we would be serving in.  During the meeting, Safe Families did a presentation, and Dustin and I felt like the Lord moved on our hearts to become a Host Family.  It is a wonderful program that I had never even heard of before.  I didn't realize programs like this existed, but the mission of the organization is exactly what drew us in.  While we didn't find God prompting us yet for Foster Care or Adoption, this program seemed to hit our hearts.  We especially are interested in helping to support families in this program whose children have acute or complicated medical needs, which I feel we are fit to handle.  We covet your prayers during this time of application and approval!  We are excited to have this door opened.

On other fronts, everything here is well.  House projects are coming along nicely and since it is almost 75 degrees today - beautiful day in Texas! We Dustin is installing on our new front door (Thanks big bro! And who are we kidding, most of this "house work" is being done by my super fabulously talented hubby!) - Pictures to come when it is complete =)

Liam is quickly becoming a fan of playing computer games - it is nice, but I am realizing just what a different environment us parents are having to face as our children learn about technology....iPad, iPhone, computers...I've never seen his attention span last longer than when he is playing some type of technology...I find it quite difficult to set boundaries!  That is one of my goals for this year!

I will leave yall tonight with pictures from the last few weeks with Christmas!  Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

I love our church family!


Roxy and Liam eating some lunch =)

He was BUSY coloring!!