Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Post-Op #1–Road to Recovery

Liam is all settled in ICU and doing amazing!  He has been off the ventilator (extubated) for about an hour and is doing great, no respiratory concerns at all.  He has been awake some and talking a little bit, between dozing off again.  Right now we are counting down to when he can drink some water...he is really thirsty but cant drink until 10:30 😞...All we can do until then is swab his mouth with a tiny bit of water, so its been challenging for him.   His lactate and glucose numbers are a little high, so they are watching that, but all in all he is doing awesome! This day really could not have gone any better...God is merciful and so so good!!  🙌. Ill post again in the morning...Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers ❤️


  1. Glad he is doing so well! Praying for a speedy recovery and for all y'all <3

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