Thursday, October 18, 2012

10.18.12 - Pictures

Not much new has been going on here, just in the trenches of this busy time of year!!  Liam is loving "school" once a week and continues to totally rock at swim lessons, even though he is still quite fearful of "going under".  Thought I'd share some pictures for a quick post ;)  We visited the Dallas Arboretum last Friday to see the Pumpkin Patch and Chihuly Glass exhibit.  It was a beautiful day and the glass exhibit was amazing! 

And a few weeks ago, we took family pictures (which I can't wait to share, but I need to pick out a Christmas Card one first!  So I don't ruin the suprise...LOL) and went to a hibachi grill for dinner - It was Liam's first time to watch the chef cook his meal in front of him - He had a blast!!  And he even liked the green tea ice cream...strange!
They treated him for his birthday, even though it was the previous week!

Lickin the candle!
And I'll close with a cute picture from the those goggles!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthday party pics!

We had Liam's 3 year birthday party last Sunday at my parents house.  It was so much fun!  And I bet you can't guess what the theme was....

Mickey Mouse of course!  We had a great time and a lot of friends and family came to celebrate.

We decided again this year that we would collect games and puzzles for Medical City Children's Hospital to either donate to the heart unit or the general children's hospital.  Our friends and family are always so supportive and we send a big than you for everyone who brought something!  Of course, Liam still had plenty gifts to celebrate - Lego sets and a grocery shopping cart and cash register (his new favorite thing to play!).

Plus, when he woke up on his birthday, he opened his newest addition to his growing Disney family....
Donald Duck!  He was so excited to get Donald...his collection is almost complete!

During the party we played a bean bag game with kid-size Mickey {courtesy of Mimi's artistic talent...and the gift of time to help me!} and painted canvases.  The canvases were fun and a great project for everyone, since we had some older kids and younger ones too - Mimi saved the day on this one too!  My mom is an elementary art teacher, so I let her orchestrate how the paintings were done.  The kids used different patterned paint rollers and sponges to "paint" the canvas with yellow and red, then we used some round plastic containers to dip in black paint for Mickey's head and ears.  They all turned out great!

Thankfully, the weather stayed nice - it rained the entire day before and the morning of, but cleared out before party time.  All in all it was a wonderful day and we are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family come to celebrate with us!  We can't believe our "baby" is a 3 year old!!  Where did the time go??