Thursday, February 11, 2010

2.11.09 - SNOW Day!!

Let it SNOW!!  We have about 4-6" of snow on the ground right now and it's not over yet.  It is so beautiful outside....I wish Liam were a bit older so he could remember this day...But, we did get some good pictures of our little bug all bundled up...(Thanks to my aunt and uncle in good ole NJ for Liam's adorable pea coat and hat!  Couldn't find anything like that in Texas...)






Liam continues to be doing really well on the new feeding tube.  He should be getting his button placed in about 3 weeks, beginning of March.  They decided to wait 6 weeks after surgery, instead of the 4 weeks they had originally told us.  We are up to feeding him just about 5 ounces, 6 times a day, which is right were he needs to be for his calorie intake.  

Everyday, Liam gets more and more active and responsive to everything around him.  He is a lot of fun and a really happy baby...we are SOO blessed!

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