Friday, May 4, 2012

5.4.12 - More potty talk

Just an update since I realized it's almost been 2 weeks since my last post!  Woops....time is just flying crazy past us and I can't seem to keep up!

We haven't had too much going on...we are waiting for one last minor repair to get done to the house and we plan on listing it next week.  I am excited to get the process underway and get it sold.  We are still deciding where to go after we move, but I know God will help us figure it out - He always does!

And on to the potty talk...Liam is doing exceptionally well.  I am SO thankful and we are blessed!  I know I was expecting this to be a very difficult process, and I am just praising God it's been relatively easy.  And for the first time this morning, woke up with a dry diaper and went potty on Froggy first thing when he woke up.  I think we have "officially" made the transition into only undies during his awake time, and only using diapers or pull ups for naps and overnight.  He has made quite a few trips out of the house and stayed dry too.  YAY!  For awhile I was getting lax with it and putting a diaper on whenever we would go somewhere, but then I realized he was starting to prefer diapers again, so I had to buckle down and insist we only keep him in undies during the day, no matter what we were doing or where we needed to go.  And despite some trickiness figuring out how to sit him on commercial potties at places, he is doing great.  He has even gone poo in the potty, although we've had more accidents with this one.  But hopefully not too much longer and this will all be a stage behind us!

I am really looking forward to the summertime, however it's shaping up to be another hot one for us.  It's already been in the 90's this week here, so I'm worried we might not catch a break anytime soon.  An apartment that has a pool while we are in limbo is sounding really nice about now!  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Yay!!!! So happy to hear that the potty training is going well. Hoping he keeps it up! I hear ya on the heat. We have had the AC running for three days now here and it's only early May. Way too ealry for this.

  2. I'm so glad things are going well with the potty! That first little bit of going out in undies...that was a scary time for me! Go Liam, Go!