Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Better late than never...

{To preface, I actually wrote this blog back on Dec. 6!...just haven't had time to upload the pictures, but I figure I need to get it up before Christmas! Better late than never....haha}
First cold day here in December...took a walk in the park up to the tower!

Liam's first Christmas "play"! He's the 5th one from the right =)

Walkin back to class after a great performance!

Making Christmas cookies! {tonight! - they were YUMMY!}
 We have some exciting things going on around here lately, preparing for Christmas, birthdays, Christmas parties and family coming in town.  I thought I'd share some of our Christmas decorations, since I've taken to the less-is-more approach for decking our "much-smaller-than-last-years" space!  I've just had to be a bit more creative so that it doesn't look cluttered, but still festive (I hope!)  And, since we won't be having to many holiday guests at our place this year, someone needs to see my creativity, right?? Haha

We pulled out the larger tree from our porch tree set to use as our actual Christmas tree, for one, I was all about not having to decorate a 7 footer this year.  I just added a few of our regular ornaments on it, and I think it turned out simple, yet Christmasy still =)

I also have a nice area on our bar counter that has made for a nice spot to put seasonal decorations.  I did a gathering of pumpkins and squash here for fall, and decided to display my white feather tree while also using it to hold Christmas cards.  It is probably one of my most favorite things about Christmas.  And the JOY sign is a re-mix from last year and fit perfectly on our kitchen cabinets!

Also in our kitchen, is a project I finally completed (held over from last year!) for an advent-like calendar.  I used mini gift bags and put numbers on them for each day in December.  Inside each bag, I have a small piece of candy and a bible verse.  Some of the bags also have either a small toy, cookie cutter for making cookies day or a family questionnaire as a fun activity to do that day.  This has been really fun for Liam - and helps him to know when Christmas is, because, well he is in the QUESTION stage right now =) ("When the bags are all gone, is it Christmas??"....Ah, yes!)  Plus, it also gets us in the bible each day, which is the best part if you ask me (I'm considering doing a 365 day bag project just for this sole purpose for myself! Ha!).  Each morning we open the bag.  I made a budget of $10 to spend on "treats" for the bags, as I didn't want it to turn into a gift-a-day type of thing.  When Liam gets older, I would like to incorporate some giving activities for us to do.

And my most favorite Christmas printable from this shop is on display on our end table.   I just love the message and it being central to our home, daily visible for all to see.

I am still loving our new space (I guess not too new anymore!).  Although I do really, really miss our old house at times, I know God had better things for us here.  We have been truly blessed by letting him guide our decision on our home.  Home really is where your heart is...if you'll let it be =)

** There is a chance of a white Christmas here in Texas this year!!  This only happens once in a blue moon, so I am praying it happens this year - I can't wait for Liam to get a chance to play in it!**

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