Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist!

Today was Liam's first trip to the dentist and now that I am posting about it, I'm feeling overwhelmingly guilty for not taking one. single. picture.  Ugh...I think my apprehensions about the dentist got the best of me, and I didn't even think about documenting our day.  So, I apologize for my lack of pictures for this huge milestone! {kicking myself!} Although I do have some cute ones from Easter I can insert here for family and friends to see what a big-boy he is turning into...

Resurrection Sunday!


Getting a kick out of all his expressions, he has really been discovering different "faces" and it's really funny to watch him, especially when he raises and lowers his eyebrows..too funny
 The dentist visit was probably the best visit to the dentist I have ever encountered.  I have a very real apprehension and anxiety about the dentist, so I am glad to see today that Liam does not share that fear, today at least!  He did great, he sat in the big chair, and it helped that they let him pick out a video to watch on the TV screen ABOVE his chair to watch lying down - he could not get over the fact the had a "TV up there".  And he also got a kick out of the "automatic chair" that moved up and down on it's own. 

The doctor actually did his whole visit, cleaning and all.  She really took her time to get all of his medical history down and asked a lot of good questions and made us feel 100% confident about everything she was seeing and doing.  He has all 20 teeth, yay!  And his teeth are in really good shape!  She did mention his mouth structure is very small, he may have a small crossbite, and he has an unusual palate shape {which she was curious to know if that had anything to do with his swallowing, I said I had not heard anyone say anything about the shape of his palate, so I thought that was interesting}.  We did not push things today with x-rays, so he just had a cleaning.  The dentist modified the cleaning to wipe down his teeth instead of squirting water due to his swallowing issues.  It was a very nice experience and Liam walked away tear-free and with clean teeth!  Everything I was hoping he would today! 

Liam also had a STELLAR swim lesson today, complete with going by himself down the "BIG slide", which is a HUGE accomplishment for him.  I was so proud...he has really been lacking confidence lately, so I am so thankful the teacher was patient with him and that his little friend Avery encouraged him to go =)  He is also swimming better under water and things are starting to look a little brighter on the swimming front, finally.

As for us, some very excited news to share - Dustin passed his Master's Electrician's exam yesterday!  He has been studying like crazy {and I really missed my hubby the past few weeks!} so I am SO very proud of him!  We also put in a bid on a house we really like, so we are praying that the Lord open that door if that's the one for us, or close it quick so we can keep looking, lol =)  It's been a little daunting, as houses are literally flying off the market in record speed right now.  We are excited and anxious to start a new chapter!

Thanks for staying with us and catching up on our happenings!  I know I haven't been posting much lately, but hopefully will start to get more on here now that the busy time of year for me has passed.  Love to you all!


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