Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where has the time gone??

Just wanted to pop in real quick to do a short update!  Liam had his 6 month cardiology appointment last Friday and it went really well!  Our last visit was PRE-cath back in February, so I was expecting the pressures to be down slightly, but instead there had been no change - which for us, is a GOOD thing! Probably another heart cath sometime in the future, as we had expected, but we have another 6 months to worry about that at least!

We are all moved in to our new home and it is wonderful...projects are coming along slowly, but surely!  Hence, my lack of posts lately as we have been super busy, but I have lots of updates that will be coming soon!  Thanks for taking time to keep up with us, we are SO very blessed!

{I just realized I put an exclamation point after every sentence!  Things are good around here!}

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