Monday, September 30, 2013

On your 4th Birthday

Dear Liam,

As your birthday approaches each year, I am always filled with so many emotions...reflective on your years of life and praising God for everything you are - I stand in complete awe of God's miracle plan for you and our family.  Your journey has not been easy, but looking back and being able to see God's hands in every ounce of your life, from your very first appearance on the sonogram to you counting all the way to 100 in the backseat of our car, has been an extraordinary experience.  I have become truly thankful and grateful for the orchestration of events in your life and ours - that has brought us here to the place where we are right now.  I am humbled, honored and blessed to call you my son - that God would chose me to be your mother.

I see a greatness in you far beyond anything I can explain.  The Lord has spoken to me many times about the glory He will bring through you and it excites me to no end.  I can only imagine the glory you have brought to Him up to this point - Can you see it, my sweet one??  He created every fiber of you to be great for Him - and you are doing just that.  I have already seen Him grow a quiet and gentle spirit in you, a deep love and compassion for others and a kindness and truly happy disposition.  Everywhere we go, people always take notice of you, and you know why?  Your sweet, happy self is always drawing other's into God's love and pure joy - they find that in YOU.   Complete strangers SEE that in you, as well as your many family and friends who know you. You are a constant light of God's goodness and a testament to His promises fulfilled.

And to watch you grow (literally!) into this little person - 4 years.  You have an unmatched sense of humor and a gift of story-telling beyond your years.  And like a little sponge, you love soaking in everything around you -new things and experiences you savor - and you have been gifted with the love of learning.

To say that daddy and I are blessed seems an understatement.  So on your 4th birthday, I pray you may fully know how much you are LOVED, honored and adored.  May God grant you with His everlasting peace and JOY as He reveals to you His purpose and calling on your life. I pray you recklessly seek Him, serve Him and love Him.  May you fully experience a bold and courageous faith and lead others to do the same.  You are a PRECIOUS son, heir to the throne and a PRINCE of the Most High King - May you continue to serve and bring glory and honor to His mighty name.  We are so proud of you...Happy birthday our sweet, sweet Liam.

Love you forever and always,

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