Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's funnies

I think trying to post small snippets of our life everyday is the best way to go for now on the blog, so here goes it ;)  Liam had his school "Feast Day" today.  I asked him what he ate and he said "Cheese balls and grapes....oh, and turkey."  Clearly, we know what foods take the highest priority.  He also had a juice box - which is great, but sometimes I hesitate on his swallowing when I am not with him...but I guess he did just fine.

Liam is watching Cars 2 for the 123rd time right now and I guess yall know what I am up to right now.  I made up a new phrase that Liam thought was hilarious - I grabbed his cheeks, kissed him on the nose and said "Hey!  I love you smookums!!"  He keeps saying yelling it to me...he cracks me up -- We are meeting daddy in a little while for dinner out and a family night, as we have all been crazy busy.  I'm looking forward to some down time with my boys!!

And speaking of funny - A bloggy friend posted this YouTube video on her blog awhile back (Thanks Shannon!), and it quickly became known as the "Fox Song" around here and has been played approximately 73 times in the last few weeks...Liam loves it --  It is a daily music request!

I'm also going to try to throw in a picture everyday.  THIS is my new love in our house - my chalkwall - I am so grateful hubby built the pantry and it has the perfect little accent wall for it....And, I practiced some fancy chalk writing with one of my favorite scriptures of all time....perfect for the season!

It is supposed to be REALLY cold here the next few days and I am thinking how thankful I am to have gotten my Thanksgiving groceries today.....Be blessed!!

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