Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Home and recovery

We finally made it HOME about 2:00 yesterday. YAY!!  Before we left, Liam had both his IVs removed and chest tube dressing changed.  He was very nervous about both because he is very sensitive to tape and seeing his battle wounds.  But, he decided he wanted us to film it so he could show other kids it doesn’t hurt. ❤️  He wants us to put it on YouTube, so when we get that uploaded, Ill share.  He is so brave!
Waiting to be discharged
Finally on the road home!

We came home and it was so great to have the family united again. His brother and sister were just loving on him, so sweet.  They made him a special banner for his room too.

Now is the recovery process at home.  Liam is adjusting well, and slept great last night.  He hasn’t even complained of pain, but I’m still giving him some Tylenol and Advil around the clock for the next day or so.  He is still weak, but thankfully is able to go up the stairs, though we are limiting that for a few days.  We have our surgeon follow up this Friday to have the scar bandage removed and then we go back to cardiology in 2 weeks.

It has been a whirlwind of a week.  Today's plan was to just get some rest and settle back into our home routine.  I'm finding this first day back home is a little different, as I am starting to process the activity of the past week.  It was so fast paced, and being in survival mode that long, I find it’s challenging me mentally to go back to our normal.  Someday I plan to write about this process, because I do feel it comes on unexpectedly- the big event is successful and over, you're home, so just going on with life.  But for a CHD parent, it brings up again the reality that this will be a lifelong battle.  I'm choosing to press in hard with the Lord as I have always done - to find His blessed assurance that He works all things together for our good.

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