Thursday, November 17, 2016


Just chiming in to give a brief update of our happenings lately!  My intention to blog more has not changed but it has been hard to find the time!  Our home renovations coupled with moving and trying to prepare for a new baby (While catching up on mountains of work that need to get done before said baby arrives) has left me down, out and flat out tired....But at least I can try to keep up some kind of record on here before it's 2017, haha.

Homeschooling, which was the focus of my last post, is going great.  I have managed to keep on track this year for the most part and the curriculum choices have all been a really good fit for the most part.  Liam was also accepted into a 2 day enrichment program at Noah's school, same day and times, so I have had 2 days a week a few hours to buckle down and get stuff done around here, which had been a God send of a blessing in this season. In fact, the title of my post is what we call a part of each day that involves writing down 3 things we are thankful for -- so I am often asking him, "Have you done your "thankfuls" yet?"  Such a great reminder of just how much God sustains us, provides for us, and meets us right where we are each day.

September for us brought about the boys birthdays, Liam turned 7 and Noah 2 - They both are just thriving and doing great as well!  Noah is talking more and more, repeating every single word it seems and then making up some we still can't figure out, lol.  Liam is really excelling in Math and absolutely loves it - everything ends up with numbers on it somewhere, even the Thanksgiving turkey he decorated at school had a numbering system written on it!  His creativity astonishes me daily -- he is so unique and really a cool lil dude!  They both are, we are so, so very blessed.

For me, pregnancy is going really great, I am almost 36 weeks and hoping to have this baby sometime the week after Thanksgiving - which is SO. SOON.  Because of my Factor V, they want me to deliver by 38 weeks, and I'm praying and BELIEVING the Lord will graciously bring this baby before then on his own will and no intervention will be needed!  We did have a fetal Echo done on the baby coupled with Liam's last Cardiology appointment (which was stellar! by the way) and all looks good on that front also.  It's been a little tricky not knowing what this baby is boy/girl but it definitely ups the excitement factor and I'm hoping some additional encouragement and energy for the birth!  We've got all the basics and bags are packed so to speak, so let the journey begin, after Thanksgiving preferably!

Projects around the house are slowly coming along, more boxes have been unpacked and put away, pictures have gone up on walls, and I finally got some beautiful roman shades (compliments of my amazing momma who sews) put up in my kitchen to replace the black paper blackout shades we previously had hanging.  It is slowly starting to feel homey and I am loving it.  Hubby has worked so very hard making it the perfect home!

All in all, we just take it a day at a time around here and we feel blessed!  Looking forward to Thanksgiving next week and soon becoming a family of 5!  Love to all of our friends and family!

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