Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chugging Along

All is well on the homefront and we are just chugging away at life each day! Adeline is 2 months old now, which I cannot believe as time gets faster each day.  She is smiling, awake longer stretches during the day, sleeping HEAVENLY at night for 5-7 hour stretches and then again for another 3-4!  She has been a very easy baby, considering she does have a touch of reflux with her Laryngomalacia.  Because of that, she is a noisy nurser! Ha, it's actually pretty cute I think, but I have yet to nurse in public!  We haven't really gone much of anywhere besides families houses and to the doctor for well checks, given it's cold and flu season here, which is good.

Liam is doing great and we have his next cardio appointment the 16th.  We are anticipating a good report as usual! Homeschooling is going really well considering we have 2 littles at home, and I am thankful for the curriculum I planned for this year.  Most of it is independent work, and while it takes a little extra motivation at times, he really likes having the same format everyday (Type A like his momma) and is excelling in all his subjects.  We still do the 2 times a week homeschool enrichment at a local church which I am also thankful for, as he has made some great friends there, and even some first "loves" if you will, which is cute.  Tuesday he was already telling me he did not know how he was going to choose between 3 particular girls to marry when he is older - LOL.  Be still my heart!!

Noah is just BUSY. BUSY. BUSY.  He is so much fun at this age.  He never stops moving and is always giggling.  Liam and him love to play together and they get along great for the most part.  He loves to help out around the house and do jobs, and loves taking things apart and "fixing" them.  He is also very social, but sensitive when it comes to saying goodbyes to anyone. He has transitioned well with the new baby, and for that I am grateful!  Despite being a little extra clingy at school drop off, he has taken to Adeline and the new baby transition very well.

I am hoping to share our heart story again on our blog coming up for CHD Awareness week and I have a fund raising idea in the works as well!  Stay tuned!

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