Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3.23.10 - Much to do about everything!

Ok, so I can not watch our slideshows without crying...I think I've seen them both about a hundred times and my eyes are never dry...Dustin does a great job at putting them together!

So lots has gone on since my last post (seeing that it was two weeks ago!). Let's start with last weekend! My aunt Lori, cousin Lindsey and her son Lukas came in town last weekend and we had a great time! Lukas is exactly 3 months older than Liam, so almost 9 months and what a cutie he is - It is so nice to get a preview of what's in store for us with Liam! Friday was so nice here, 75 and sunny, so we took the kids out to the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth. We had a great time, although it was a little difficult feeding Liam on the go like that, and interesting enough to fix up his feeding machine in the trunk of my car...but it worked out just fine and Liam got to munch while we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Saturday was much different weather-wise, with a freak snowstorm hitting Texas in the middle of March, so we stayed inside, rested and had the fam over for dinner. They had to go home Sunday and thank God for Dustin driving them to the airport, otherwise I don't think they would have made it! Someone spun out on the icy bridge in front of them and Dustin drove them through safely. And I am glad I was at home with Liam because he threw up his whole feeding on me....Don't know what Dustin or I would have done if our roles had been reversed that morning!

Monday it was back to work and my dad took Liam to get his monthly Synagis shot for protection against RSV. They took his oxygen sats and they were still kinda low, steady at 68, with a high reading of 72. This was a little concerning for me because he should be at around 75-80. But this is what is expected to happen before his next surgery as well. I called the cardiologist to let them know his sats and also about the feeding issue with Liam throwing up (he did twice on Sunday - his whole feedings). Dr. Verma didn't sound too concerned, but more to the point that this is what is expected as it gets closer to surgery time and Liam is possibly growing out of his shunt. He said he would talk to the surgeon, Dr. Mendloff, to see what he thinks about Liam's progress and get back to me.

So today Dr. Verma called me back and said that Dr. Mendeloff is really pleased with Liam's growth and weight gain that he thinks he is ready for surgery soon. We are going to schedule the heart cath and possibly the surgery for most likely next month. This is great news, but also a little scary as I was hoping we had a little more time on our side. But, I also want to get it over and done with and have Liam's heart mended! I am not sure what this procedure or surgery is called...but as soon as I find out, I'll post more info about it on here.

Whew...this is all happening faster than I thought, but I'm glad to get it going sooner than later.

Oh yes, and we have another swallow study scheduled for this Thursday at 10:00 am. Liam has not had one since the end of December, so I am really praying this time they will tell us he can start eating by mouth. I know many of our friends and family have been continually praying for Liam and we are so very thankful. I would like to ask that we pray a bold prayer for this area specifically - for his feeding deficiencies to be totally healed and for God to move this mountain out of our way! I know God and I know He can do this for us...I'm believing Him for it!!

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