Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3.2.10 - Growing up fast!

So...haven't posted in awhile.  My apologies.  I knew I shouldn't have put it in writing to blog three times a time flys!

Liam is getting really BIG...PRAISE God!!  He already weighs more than 16 lbs by now - he weighed in at 15 lb. 15 oz. last Thursday - up a whole pound from the week before!  I only thought weight gain like that happened in pregnant women!  It is such a huge answer to prayer that he is gaining weight so well, as the bigger we can get him for surgery time, the better!

We have a big week next week as far as doctor appointments go.  We FINALLY get to go get his MIC-Key button for his g-tube put in.  YAY!  It has now become Liam's favorite toy, the tube, so I'll be glad to see it be gone for the most part and only have to deal with it during feeding time.  We also take a visit to the ENT next Monday to check his vocal chord and then to the cardiologist and button appointment back to back on Tuesday.  We may find out when the surgery will be scheduled for at the cardiologist appointment.

As Liam grows bigger everyday, I have been feeling a little more anxious and nervous I guess about what the future holds for us.  As his next surgery is quickly approaching, I'm reminded of our previous time at the hospital and how hard it was on us as a family.  Needless to say, I am not looking forward to the emotional roller coaster that lies ahead.  Honestly...and I'm going to be very candid for a minute here, I know God has it under control, no matter what happens, He knows what we will go through, the struggle and I KNOW He hurts with us and is completely by our side, but it's hard not to think how long do we have with Liam?  I have never experienced a type of surrendering like this before, and it's hard sometimes not to think about it...But I know what I know about my God, and that's what I'm clinging too!  The Lord is faithful, loving, and caring - He will see us through. 

This journey also continues to expose and allow Dustin and I to talk about our faith like we never have before.  We are both learning about ourselves and also what eachother's strengths and weaknesses are in light of our faith.  Just last night, I realized that though I tend to see God more often in the little events and things in life and am comfortable trusting in many small areas, Dustin is opposite and tends to trust more in the big picture events.   Dustin's huge confidence in faith with the upcoming surgery helps get me grounded again when my mind starts to "What if..", while my daily confidence in parenting and care for Liam in the short term helps get us through the daily struggles.  It's interesting to see how God truly matched up our strengths and weaknesses purposefully in our marriage...little did we know at the time the roles we would play!

Our friends and old roomates at the hospital, the Hamilton family, will soon be going to surgery #2 with their son in a couple weeks.  If you could say a prayer or two for them, we would greatly appreciate it and I know they would too.  My prayer for them and us is for the Lord to prepare our hearts and offer us encouragement and peace in this fragile and unknown path we'll be on.  I am so thankful we never walk alone in Him.

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