Sunday, July 18, 2010

TEAM LIAM 2010 - Drumroll pleeease!!!

It's finally here. Reveal day for Team Liam. All the details are not quite finalized, but enough is done to finally get the word out since I can't wait anymore and we need to get the show on the road!

Dustin and I are excited to announce that we hope to raise $10,000 for the Children's Heart Foundation (CHF) through sponsorships and donations with our team that will run in the annual White Rock Marathon in Dallas on December 5. Yes, that's right. You heard me correctly, $10,000 is our goal and I think it's a great one. We CAN do this. And as far as the running goes, I CAN do it and so can YOU if you would like to join our team! What an amazing awesome experience this will be and I can't wait to be part of it and make a difference for CHD research. Our hope is that someday, our doctors will tell us they no longer need to open Liam's heart to fix it. No more surgeries. That there is a better, less invasive, less risky method to replace his valve or fix whatever other heart complications he may experience in his lifetime. Our dream is for other heart parents and children, for better treatment options; lessen the risks and increase outstanding results. And at the highest of priority, a CURE for CHD's. The Children's Heart Foundation solely supports such research, so we are choosing to support them as best we can.

So, if you are now jumping up and down and can't wait to get started, you can follow the link to our TEAM LIAM 2010 blog page (or click the title bar link at the top of the blog) where we have all the information you will need to find out exactly what the gameplan is and what you can do to help! Here is the rundown on how you can help us reach our goal:

1) Run with us!
2) Financially contribute to CHF on behalf of Team Liam through our page at
3) Be a corporate sponsor for TEAM LIAM
4) PRAY for our team and for the families affected by CHD's
5) Any combination of the above

The success of this event is up to God, but there is no limit on how hard we can work to reach our goal. We pray that it far exceeds our expectations!


  1. Very exciting reveal!!! I've been anxiously awaiting the announcement! I'm for sure game to run the half marathon, but I may be convinced to do the full one again too!!! Either way, we are for sure joining Team Liam and will help raise money in any way that we can!!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck in achieving your fundraising goal fro The Children's Heart Foundation. They are an amazing organization!

  3. The Children's Heart Foundation is such a great organization. And you have set an awesome goal! We are doing our first CHD walk next spring. Just starting to thing about Team shirts and how to plan it all. I think I'll just see what you do and copy that. I never would've thought of looking for corporate sponsors! Excited to follow your journey!