Monday, July 12, 2010

7.12.10 - Wedding weekend

Dustin and I had a wonderful time this weekend.  Our mini-weekend getaway for a good friend's wedding turned out to be perfect.  It was nice to get away...granted I did feel a little awkward and weird being out at our first social event in a LONG time.  But it was so much fun!  I tend to forget sometimes that it's ok to have a little fun and let loose... =)  So I did!

Here are a few pics from our evening out...

The happy couple

The beautiful bride Meg, Claudia and me - love my girls!

Claudia, me and bridesmaid Shannon - forever friends!

Outside Arlington Hall

My handsome husband!

Meanwhile at my parents, Liam had a great time with his Mimi and Ba Ba (I think that is what Liam is starting to call my dad - funny, because that name runs in our family!)  Unfortunately for him though, as we found out at the pediatrician's office the day before, he was fighting off a small infection in one of his chest drain incisions from his surgery and a yeast infection around his g-tube.  Literally both infections cropped up overnight, but just in time to get him on some antibiotics before the weekend. Though Liam never seemed like anything was bothering him or ever had a fever, so that is good news.  It was only Liam's second time to spend the night away from home (other than in a hospital), and his first night to spend away from home with out us.  Despite that, he slept great, ate well and was happy!  Thank you, my wonderful parents, for giving us a night off!  You are loved and always a BLESSING to us!

I decided to schedule a meeting for Wednesday (follow-up) with Liam's surgeon to have him check the incision site and also look at the bulge in his chest...We are praying the bulge is a normal (or reasonable) after effect of the surgery....but then again, it hasn't seemed to sit right with me since we first noticed it when we brought him home.  I have asked both the pediatrician and cardiologost what they think and they both just tell me we should keep an eye on it...Well, I don't do to well with just "keeping an eye on things"....I'd rather exhaust all my options of opinions and find out what it is.  So hopefully, we will get an answer.  

One last mention before I sign off for the night.  I am starting to add pages to my blog for different things, so check the underneath our main page header every now and then for new pages.  I completed the "Liam's Journey" page, so please check it out!  I need one more weekend to get Team Liam ready for it's don't give up on me!  It's coming!!


  1. Glad you guys had a wonderful time out! Saying lots of prayers for Liam's infections to clear up and for the bulge to be nothing big!

  2. So glad you had such a nice night out! You deserved it! You guys sure clean up nice ;-) !! We can't wait to see Mr. Liam in August!!!

  3. Did they ever say what the bulge was? Does he have a Pectus? My daughter had one after her 1st two surgeries that did eventually flatten out as she grew. Now that we just had 2 more sternotomies, she has an even larger one this time. We're hoping, once again, it will flatten out as she ages.