Friday, February 25, 2011

2.25.11 - Week in review

Riding along!
This past week has been a busy one!  We ended up going out of town Sunday night and drove to Dustin's family for the funeral for his grandfather.  It was bittersweet as obviously we did not want to be visiting down there for such hard circumstances, but it was great to get to see everyone again.  We had not visited since last September.  Dustin's sister also flew in from out of town and went with us, so it was really great to get to see her as well.  The service was beautiful and it was such a blessing seeing the family and friends come together to support each other.  It was a wonderful celebration of a very special man.
Family picture

Dustin, me, Liam and Dustin's dad

Us and Nanny
Liam had his last Synagis (RSV protectant) shot today.  I asked the nurse if the season was starting to wind down and she said yes, that it peaked in January and now is trending towards less and less cases.  This makes me feel a bit better about venturing out.  Liam is CONSTANTLY wanting to "GO" now...he will literally stand at our door and cry to "go".  Thankfully the weather is staying fairly warm so at least we can take daily walks outside.  

I am exhausted from this week month!  We have had a lot going on and February has flown by!  I am going to try to catch back up with my blog posts again, although things are pretty uneventful right now, which is a very good thing in our world!

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  1. Liam is so cute! Glad you were able to visit family you hadn't seen in a while, although I am sorry about the circumstances. Liam sounds like Max in wanting to go. Max doesn't say anything, he just stands at the door looking out and cries when we bring him inside. Can't wait for warmer weather. I bet both Max and Liam won't want to come indoors!