Monday, October 10, 2011

10.10.11 - Pumpkin Patch and Well Visit

First, I'll start with the well visit...since chronologically speaking, it was last Wednesday!  Liam had his 2 year check up at the Ped's.  I have been anxious about this appointment since his 18 month check-up, in which doctor wanted to see Liam around 26 pounds by now...and, while we didn't quite make it to 26, Liam did weigh in at 25.4 pounds - which is GREAT!!  She said she was very happy with his weight gain, given he is so mobile now and getting all his calories by mouth.  So, with that said, I asked about his tube and what her thoughts were.  Happy to say that she gave us the OK {pending checks with GI and Cadio first} to pull the tube!!  Our follow up with GI is scheduled for next Wednesday and Cardio will be December 2...Oh, the only time I wish the Cardio appointment was sooner!!

Everything else at his well-check went, well!  He is growing on his curve and the Pedi mentioned how well Liam speaks for his age, very clear and with an amazing vocabulary.  This made momma and daddy very proud!  We are just so blessed that Liam is doing SO well! 

And now on to the fun stuff!  We got an early start on the season and visited the Pumpkin Patch on Friday.  Liam and I talked about it all week, so he was so excited!  Here's a short video clip from the car ride there:

He had a ball - loved running around and seeing all the wonderful pumpkins and fall decorations.  They also had a TALL playground with slides he loved too.  Our pictures weren't the greatest, as it was hot and very windy and hot, blowing up all sorts of Texas dirt everywhere.  We may go back once this crazy weather decides to mind itself and learn that it's FALL now!

Don't you love that face?  LOL

Other than that, it's been busy around here as usual!  I have so many projects going on, and some big changes are happening around here, which I hope to post about soon! Hope everyone had a blessed week!! 


  1. LOL! ADORE that face in the second to last picture! Hilarious! :)
    Go Liam Go! You outweigh Aly by over 4 pounds and she is a touch older! :) :)

  2. Hooray for the tube hopefully coming out. YAY!!! I know what an important milestone that one is!!! Woo hoo!!!

    Loved all the new pics of Liam. He looks great!!!