Sunday, October 30, 2011

10.30.11 - Pre-Halloween more ways than one

Sitting under the great caterpillar in the lobby at MCCH
We had a really great day yesterday as a family.  We went to our annual Amazing Little Hearts Halloween party yesterday morning and it was so great to see our heart buddies and all the CUTE costumes the kids wore!

Liam is going as a puppy dog this year, but it may be hard to tell, since he refuses to wear the hood on his "puppy jacket".  He was so excited to finally get to wear it.  He would ask me everyday, "puppy jacket on?"  I would have to tell him we had to wait until the Halloween party.  We have never been too big on the Halloween celebrating, but I guess as our kiddo gets older, that may change!!

Playin a game..he loved throwing the bean bags and watching the X's and O's turn!

Jumping on the color changing steps

They had such cute decorations!  Liam's favorite thing right now is going "through" and in and out of doors
The cute photo set-up they had for pictures!

Wont' sit still!

One of the few "posed" pics we caught!
Oh yes, and I am now realizing it is IMPOSSIBLE to get Liam to really sit still for a picture...These were the best we could do, but he just won't pose or stay still for long, so most of our picture turn out blurry!  He gets really frustrated that we try to pose him for pictures and he figures it out pretty quick when we ask him to do something so we can get a cute shot!  He purposely tries not to look at us much!

Later that day, we ventured out to a nearby city square where we enjoyed one of our favorite restaurants, Babe's!  We had never been to this square, but are definitely returning as they have perfect picture spots.  The square is set up like an old western city, complete with an old train engine and caboose that are awesome!  We only took our little powershot camera, so we didn't take too many pictures because we knew it wouldn't do the place justice!  But nevertheless, we had a great time walking around after an early dinner, watching the sun set and enjoying the outdoors and scenery!

Our dinner guest we named Jose.  He was a little quiet...and kinda creepy...

It was dark in the restaurant and the flash caught Liam in the headlights!
Can't believe we got this shot with our little camera...I love it!  The sunset was so gorgeous!

You can see the black train engine a little in the background...I can't wait to go back and take some good pics!

Startin to get chilly!  Loving this weather we've had lately...really feels like fall!
And last but not least, our literal "bash" for the weekend....our second busted lip...Liam is falling quite a bit and very randomly...probably because he has so much energy and just plain runs everywhere he goes now.  And leaving socks on without shoes in our house is now a big no-no (we have an unusual amount of tile in our house!)!  Poor guy...I can see this really hurts!!  We were going back and forth whether we should take him to see if he needs stiches, but it stopped bleeding fairly quick and all the teeth were still intact, so we opted to let it heal on its own.
His lip was SO big...he kept licking it and feeling it...poor thing!  At least the crying was short-lived!

You can also see a nice bump he got too on the right side of his head (left side of pic)...this was a totally separate injury from earlier!  The floor (and furniture) keeps winning these fights, unfortunately!


  1. Awwww poor little guy! Bodie pulls the same kind of stuff all the time - bruises everywhere! but he's SO cute. Love all the pics!!!