Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11.16.11 - Thrills and Chills

Not to worry anyone, but Liam is under Holter monitor surveillance for the next 24 hours.  How did this happen, you ask?  Well, this morning I noticed Liam's chest was right over his heart, no distinct beats really, just vibrating to the rhythm of a heartbeat...kind of hard to describe I guess.  I've never felt this in Liam's chest before, so it was definitely something new.  I called Dr. Verma this afternoon (I waited, as Liam was showing no signs of ANY kind of illness, distress, etc.) because I still felt it.  He did not really seemed too concerned, but said with any kind of heartbeat issue, just as a precaution we should probably have Liam wear a Holter just to be sure he is not having any arrhythmia's.  So we went into the office late this afternoon about 4:30 to get the monitor hooked up and have an EKG done.  None of the doctors were there, but they faxed over the EKG report to our Cardi Dr. Verma, and he called back before we were even back in the car from leaving the office!  He said the EKG looked fine, but hopefully the monitor would tell us more if more needs to be told.  Our regular scheduled appt. is Decemeber 2, so at least we won't have to wait too long to get an echo done to follow up.  I know some heart parents have experienced this, so I would love any feedback if anyone has any - The googling I've done has not helped!

On a lighter note, we've been some busy bees around here with the holidays fast approaching!  I did get a chance to finally take Liam to the new aquarium on Monday.  I met up with my dear friend and her kids for the aquarium and then we all went to lunch.  I did get some pictures, but with my small Powershot and without using the flash like I was told not to, none of them are very good....However, the kids LOVED it! They had "petting zoos" at the end, where the kids could touch and hold crabs, starfish and other sea creatures and they had a big jungle gym thing for the kids to play on, so us mommies could get some much needed chatter in too!! LOL.  It was a very well planned aquarium!
Liam and Harper ready to start the tour!

Sting ray tank

See-through floor you could stand on and look below at the sting rays...very cool!
Caught this guy at just the right moment!

Giant fish fossil!

This was the giant tank connected with the 360 degree "tunnel" - very cool also!

I've also been working on starting a new family tradition of the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) advent calendar.  I know some of my other blog mommies are doing this too and I think it's a great idea!  I've got all our ideas for our kindness acts planned out, so now I just need to finish decorating the bags and think of small "gifts" Liam will receive each day.  I'm really excited to be planning traditions for our family and I'm hoping this one is a keeper!

Just to share some other randomness, Liam is starting to say the funniest things!  Today his line was "I don't like that too much".  I would start talking to him or making funny sounds and he would say that.  Too cute!  But he has also started saying, "I can't do it!" - like yelling it sometimes.  I had to question where he was learning "can't" at such a young age....He has been watching a lot of Caillou (PBS show) lately and I think that's where he is getting it.  Anyways, I'm combatting it with "You can do ALL THINGS through Christ, who strengthens me!" Phil 4:13.  He already knows one bible verse, so I'm realizing for teaching purposes, I need to know my scripture to teach him what is true and not true.   He loves learning them too!  In addition to this, I am making him and the little ones in my family these printable scripture cards from I Can Teach My Child blog.  They are so adorable, and Liam loves his flashcards. 

And as far as chills go, tonight is finally getting down to near freezing temps here in North Texas!  I can't wait for this weather to finally settle in and stay awhile!  Unfortunately we are used to having warm Thanksgivings...but praying this year maybe we can wear a sweater to dinner for once!

I'll keep everyone posted on the monitor results.  Hoping and praying it's nothing!  


  1. Praying for the monitor results! You are so awesome and observant!

    I love the RAK idea!!!

  2. Praying for Liam (and you)! Ethan had a pretty bad thrill before his most recent cath, due to the high gradient pressure/narrowing at the top of his conduit. Since they were able to stent that open, I very rarely feel it; usually only when he's really worked up (upset, excited, running around crazy, etc.)

    Keep us posted on the results, and let me know if you want more details from our experience!

    I love the RAK idea, too. I hoped to make an advent calendar for this year, but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I'll just wait and steal all your ideas next year ;)

  3. Any updates on Liam? I have been thinking about him, hope all is well! By the way, I love the idea of the scripture flash cards!! What a special mommy you are!