Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.2.11 - Halloween Pics

We had a great Halloween trick-or-treating for this first time!  This time last year, we were on the heels of a hospital stay and on the eve of another surgery, so we stayed home, but not this year!  Liam had a great time and went as a puppy dog.  We found a cute vest with a puppy hood and tail.  I knew Liam wouldn't wear a full outfit, so this was just perfect for him, even though he wouldn't wear the hood.  Thankfully, he left it on long enough to snap a couple pictures.  Our street was full of kids, so it was neat to be part of the whole Halloween thing again =)

I would like to say my workout clothes were a planned costume...but I'd be lying LOL
He held that pumpkin basket tight all night!  I kept asking if he wanted me to carry it and he kept telling me no!

Trick-or-treat!  He got the knocking on the door part down pat, but didn't want to talk...too bad too, his "trick-or-treat" was so cute!!
The cool scary house down the street...We had only seen it passing by during the day to go to the park, so I was anxious to see it at night!  It didn't dissapoint...very cool with music and lights!  Needless to say Liam said no to trick-or-treating at this house....and after that at all actually!

Back at the house, hanging out on the front porch and looking through our candy basket for more goodies!

Dots was one of the few candies he can eat...he loved them!  Maybe because they are exactly like fruit snacks?!

More please!
One more piece of candy before bed time...
Watching all the trick-or-treaters!  I think he had more fun passing out candy at our house!  He told every who came up... Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Liam is too cute! I'm glad he had fun trick-or-treating. :)