Friday, December 2, 2011

12.2.11 - The verdict is in...

Well, it was overall a good appointment.  However, there will be a heart cath in our near future :(.  Liam's left pulmonary atery's pressure has increased from 30 (in April) to 60 and to be cautious with the pressure in his conduit (which looks great by the way, no stenosis found - PRAISE GOD!) he wants to see what's going on and see if maybe ballooning will help get the pressures lower.  This is more a preventative measure to preserve the conduit. So he said we can schedule it early January after the holidays.  Thankfully, praising God, no surgery should be required.  Amen!

The tube decision....We still need to wait and think on it.  Dr. suggested if we aren't in a hurry to get it out (well I've been in a hurry since April! Ha!) we should probably wait until the results from the cath come back, just to play it safe...We will most likely keep it in until that time....I'm a little bummed, but thankful we will have it should he need it.  If you'll remember after his last surgery last December, he was unable to swallow anything for a few weeks and on total tube feeds during that time, so we are very cautious in taking it out if any procedures are on the horizon.

I feel like the Lord really prepared me for this appointment.  Seems to be the season of patience in our family right now, so this fits with that theme very well!  We are just praising God the conduit is clear and that more invasive procedures are not needed at this time.  Thank you all for your prayers today, with the peace I felt with the news, I could definitely feel them!!


  1. Super happy to read this! It's amazing what a cath can do for these little hearts - we've seen a huge difference in Ethan (i.e. the trill is GONE!) since his in May. Praying the same holds true for Liam.

    I'm sure there's some disappointment with not getting the tube out, but it sounds like a smart decision. You also have cold & flu season to think about - if he were to get sick & dehydrated, the tube could potentially keep you out of the ER for fluids!

    I'm glad you felt peace today - gotta love that peace that surpasses all understanding :)

    Oh, and PS - LOVE that sugar scrub recipe. I have one that I'm not crazy about, so I'll definitely be re-vamping it with yours. And thanks for the super cute tag templates, too!

    You rock, Mama!

  2. Glad it was overall a good appointment - ill be praying ab the tube and cath!

  3. Tara,

    I've been thinking of you and praying for you! I am back at work now and I read blogs over lunch but my computer there is old and won't let me leave comments! I rarely have time to read at home so haven't been commenting much. But we'll be praying for you! I understand how you feel! We are always awaiting Andrew's next cath! :( Sending prayers for Liam!


  4. Finally got on here to catch up with what is going on with Liam. Been thinking about you! Sorry to hear that a cath is in your near future. That always stinks. Hopefully it will just need a little ballooning and everything will be fine. Prayers with you you dear friend. E-mail me if you ever need to chat!