Saturday, July 28, 2012

7.28.12 - We're moved!

We actually moved 2 weeks ago...I know, I know, a little late.  But, the pile of boxes was overwhelming until a few days ago and I think I am just now getting my bearings straight again.  But, that being said, I absolutely LOVE our new space...really.  I thought going into 1/2 the size place we had before would be trying at best, but I am actually finding out I really like not having so much.  And I feel like we have lots of friendly neighbors! LOL

Our old last picture!

Our awesome moving crew (aka BEST FRIENDS EVER!!) We were so thankful our friends offered to help us!

Liam is adjusting pretty well.  He had some regression with potty training the first week we were here, but he is back to normal again.  Bedtime has been rough, but I think that's due mostly to him almost being three, Ha!  He is TESTING us at every turn...and cries basically every night at bedtime over losing said test...poor little guy, I can say he is not a quick study on discipline.  During the day he is pretty well behaved, so night time really kind of comes as a surprise...he just starts acting very defiantly.  

Silliness while packing

This is his "what?" face


Jumping high!  I never knew this camera trick....was fun to play with!

On another Liam note, we have a free swimming lesson scheduled next Thursday.  I am really excited, although it will be a chunk out of our budget, but I do think it will be well worth the money.  Given his sensitivity to aspiration with his vocal chord, it is really important he learn to swim and learn how to go under water safely.  This has concerned me a few times because I don't think he understands he has to hold his breath and I'm not quite sure how you teach a child that?  Anyways, he is also developing an aversion to the water (and getting face and head wet) and I don't want that to get worse.  We are planning on doing lessons for at least the semester, probably the whole year so it's consistent.  I'm excited and I hope he begins to find the water fun...and I am hoping for peace about him being around the water and not having to worry so much!

The camera trick is getting on the floor and shooting up for the shot....makes it look like you are jumping REALLY high!

too funny!

My attempt....I don't think I was even 3 inches off the floor, but it looks like I'm on a trampoline!  Crazy how its a visual trick with the camera!

We also decided to enroll Liam in a one day a week Mother's Day Out program at my parents church.  I am also excited about this for him because I think he's going to have a lot of fun.  He LOVES his church nursery class, so I think a 1 day a week thing will be good for him.

That's about it for now!  We are about to take Liam to his first movie...Madagascar 3!  I'm excited and hope he sits through it well!


  1. So glad to hear that the move went well! Love the pics of you all jumping. Too funny!