Thursday, August 2, 2012

8.2.12 - Summer Fun and Firsts!

We are having a great summer!  And it is going by quickly!  My last post left off that we were going to take Liam to his first movie - and we did!  We went to see Madagascar 3 and he did great!  About 20 minutes into the movie, he asked to go home so we could watch Mickey Mouse, but I sweetly said we had to finish watching our movie first...that seemed to go over well, but he did keep asking me the same thing about every 20 minutes or so!  But he never got jittery out of his seat or anything - and even laughed a few times, so I think he enjoyed it =) 

Another first we had was this morning.  Liam went to his first swim lesson!  We decided to enroll him for the fall semester so he can start learning how to swim and hold his breath under water.  I felt very comfortable with the place and instructors, and Liam had a blast, he did great!  We are in the very beginners baby class to start, but hopefully once he can learn to go under water he can move up to his age class.  And I wish I had pictures to share, but I was in the pool too!  It was fun getting to enjoy that with him! 

On Tuesday, my mom took Liam to the Science Museum while I was at work.  She caught some cute pictures and said he had a great time.  I am so thankful my parents are so involved with him - we are truly blessed!

And I'll end today's post with another first - first iPod!  It's Dustin's old one he doesn't use, so he loaded a bunch of kids songs on it and  Liam LOVES listening to it!  His favorite song is, you guessed it, Hot Dog Song from Mickey Mouse.  I think I know what his birthday party theme's going to be! ;)

And I am LOVING Instagram...anyone else?? ;)


  1. Such cute pics! We're planning on starting Bodie in swim lessons this Fall, too!

  2. Yay for swimming lessons!! Glad they are going well! Liam is so stiking cute with his headphones on!

  3. Just now had a chance to get through your last few updates and WOW! I cannot believe how much Liam has grown! He IS tall and skinny- like Andrew! :) He's so cute. Andrew has the same Alien pj's too! Ha! I couldn't believe those jumping pictures! I'll have to try that! That was crazy! :) Sounds like Liam is doing great and growing fast!