Thursday, October 18, 2012

10.18.12 - Pictures

Not much new has been going on here, just in the trenches of this busy time of year!!  Liam is loving "school" once a week and continues to totally rock at swim lessons, even though he is still quite fearful of "going under".  Thought I'd share some pictures for a quick post ;)  We visited the Dallas Arboretum last Friday to see the Pumpkin Patch and Chihuly Glass exhibit.  It was a beautiful day and the glass exhibit was amazing! 

And a few weeks ago, we took family pictures (which I can't wait to share, but I need to pick out a Christmas Card one first!  So I don't ruin the suprise...LOL) and went to a hibachi grill for dinner - It was Liam's first time to watch the chef cook his meal in front of him - He had a blast!!  And he even liked the green tea ice cream...strange!
They treated him for his birthday, even though it was the previous week!

Lickin the candle!
And I'll close with a cute picture from the those goggles!!

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  1. I love seeing pictures of Liam thriving! He is so precious!!!