Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day....last minute!

First, I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have left me the most encouraging and uplifting messages regarding my last post.  We have hope from your encouragement and all the information shared that hopefully our family will grow in due time!

We do have some other VERY exciting news, we are in contract on a new home!  YAY!  After WEEKS of looking and getting very discouraged because literally things are FLYING off the market, God blessed up with the perfect little home a little farther north from where we are now.  We don't have an exact closing date's a HUD and the process is very new to us and our agent....apparently they tell us when things get done... =/  But everything thus far has progressed faster than I expected, so it's moving along.  This is the "project" house we have been wanting, and I can't wait to share all the ideas we have!

Liam is doing fantastic as usual.  His last day of "school" is next Wednesday...I can't believe the school year has come and gone!  And now that I know where we will be living, I can start planning some fun things for summer. 

And since I haven't posted many pictures on here lately, here are some I took yesterday at the park - it had just rained and there was a GIANT puddle on the basketball looked too tempting to tell Liam he couldn't play in it, so I threw our cares to the wind and let him have at it!  He had the best time, and I think I got some pretty cute pics out of all the splashing around!

Tomorrow we'll be heading to church and to my parents house for a Mother's Day dinner.  I wish all my momma friends and family a very blessed Mother's Day!!  And, if you need a last minute printable card idea, I have a FREE Mother's Day 4x6 printable {shown below} posted on my Simple Blessings here to view!

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