Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Mess...defined

mess  /mes/Noun

A dirty or untidy state of things or of a place: "she made a mess of the kitchen".
Make untidy or dirty.
noun.  confusion - muddle - disorder - muss - jumble
verb.  disorder

I always find it so intriguing to look at other people's messy know those blog owners who have the beautifully designed and decorated homes that look like they have it all together, then they post some shots of their house on a normal day, kids running rampant, surfaces busied with toys and daily clutter?  Well, I LOVE those pictures....I don't know about you, but THOSE pictures always make me feel better about, to make someone out there feel good today {or maybe just me!}, I thought I'd post some pictures of what our house usually looks like today....

Why yes, that is a styrofoam cooler in our living room, fancy huh?

And, yes, that is Liam wrapped up in a big plastic tarp...yes, I also know the warnings on that.

I think our house makes us happier when it's a mess....or at least for Liam that seems to be the case.
Granted, today is a rainy day here, and we are held here captive by sickies of pink eye and an ear infection {poor Liam, although. he seems to be feeling ok otherwise...see pictures of his creations above, ha!}, but I would say this is pretty normal for us.  And I don't feel bad about it.  It's good to take a peek sometimes and feel relief when we know we aren't the only ones who feel like they never have it together.  Although, I love a clean and tidy home like the rest of em, striving for that perfection is not my goal, even if I have to remind myself of that 1000 times a day =)

Lots of updates to come soon, thanks for stopping by and sharing life with us!  We love you all!

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  1. For a moment I thought you took pictures of our house. LOL!!! Your pics made me giggle, especially the one with Liam wrapped up in the plastic tarp. Too funny! As far as the mess goes....I always say happy kids come from messy homes because it means that moms make more time to play with their kids. :)