Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer fun!

Sorry it may have seemed I have abandoned my blog lately!  Just wanted to hop on for a minute and provide some updates and hopefully a picture or two - All is going well in our little family, and baby #2 is growing steadily and healthily!  I am right at 34 weeks, and news from yesterday's visit is my midwife is hoping I will go into labor between 37 or 38 weeks...which means, right around the corner!!

I'll have to be honest I'm a little bit more anxious and nervous with this birth.  Mainly because I am taking blood thinners for my clotting disorder and just not sure how my body will respond with that during delivery and postpartum.  We are expecting a healthy baby boy, the fetal echo was completely normal and so was the anatomy scan, so we are SO very thankful there are no indications of any issues with the baby.  Plan is to hopefully go into labor naturally and deliver under a nurse midwife at the hospital.  Very different than what we had planned for Liam's arrival!  But I feel more educated this time around and I just want to experience everything moment by moment.

Summer has been great - I am very thankful living in Texas, it has been very mild - we haven't had too many days of extreme heat, and actually a lot of very nice weather, which has been great.  Liam is doing great as well, still enjoying gymnastics once a week and getting ready to turn 5!  I can't believe it!  He won't officially be in kindergarten this fall due to his age and birthday, but we are planning on homeschooling him kindergarten curriculum this year as a trial to see if that may be a good option for him.  He will still be in a preschool program at church 2 days a week for now as well.

Heart stuff has been remaining low on the radar, which is great.  His next appointment is August 26, so we will see if anything has changed on his echo.  I am not quite sure what the next step will be, but I'm praying we will not have to pay our deductible this year for the first time in 5 years for him!

That's about it for now!  I'll leave you with some picture highlights of our summer - Fall is slowly approaching and there will be lots of "newness" to come for us!  Will **try to keep the blog updated with our little ones arrival!  Blessings and love to all of you!

On our way to Atlanta in June to visit cousins!  Stopped at Vicksburg visitor's center for this pic!

Cousin silliness!

Cosuin love!

On the road back to our home state of Texas - Liam did great in the car, but we realized this trip, he really does get car sick...very easily =(

July 4th with more cousins!

Pool time with mommy

Belly pic @ 29 weeks

Cousins - had a little family reunion back to back with both my family and Dustin's family - We are so blessed!

Cousins at their very first circus!  And mine too =)

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Annual birthday weekend celebration for the cousins!

Family portrait in our handmade tye dye shirts!

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