Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Liam lately

Been awhile since I've done an update!   School is winding down to a close and I am trying to use all my new found energy to get work caught up before summer.

Our morning routine for crazy bed head - a warm wet wash cloth on the head while he eats breakfast tames the crazy!

too cool!

Liam has been a big ham lately!  He is really LOVING two things especially at the moment - Gymnastics and math.  Strange set, I know, lol.  Gymnastics is going great, it is really bolstering his confidence (which was needed - He is not a typically fearless little boy, which I always thought was a good thing, ha!).  Every week he is mastering more and more and I am so proud of him!  I am thankful they continue classes year round, so we will continue through the summer.

Liam also had his first not-from-home haircut recently - I have been cutting his hair from home (or rather butchering it at times, haha) so before school pictures, we went and had it professionally done - He sat still better for the hairdresser than he ever had for me, which I was worried about!

Although I do love his long locks, I am about to go back to buzz cuts for summer!

Here are some pictures from his recent Field day at school - it was SOO windy and chilly that day, but the kids all had a blast and it was fun to spend the day with him at school

Sack race - he was one of the few ones that actually wanted to jump in the sack!

Still loves bubbles!

Runny nose all day!  Love that Texas wind!

More bubble fun!

Yummy cotton candy!
Liam will miss the cutoff for kindergarten next year, since he is a late September kiddo...we are still praying about where God wants him next year for school.  I love his school this year, it is so conveniently close by and the hours are perfect, but I do wish he could go 3-4 days per week to prepare him for Kindergarten, and they only offer a 2 day program. 

Baby Johnson is doing great - we just had our anatomy sonogram yesterday and everything looked great and healthy.  We go to see Dr. V for our fetal echo on Friday, and I am believing the results will be normal and healthy with that as well!  I am getting a little anxious about having another baby...I guess it just feels like SO long ago since Liam was born, I feel like I don't remember much!  Plus, his first months were not the norm, so I also feel a little unprepared as to what to expect.  Also knowing how fragile pregnancy and birth can be this time around also has me a little more cautious.  God is giving me His peace though, and I trust whatever He brings our way!  We are blessed and thankful for this gift and season right now!

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  1. From another heart mama who tried for 4 years to have another kiddo and finally did (they are 4 1/2 years apart), I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel!! We were SOOOO worried about that echo. I think the first time it is just easy to take for granted that everything would be fine, and when it isn't, you realize what a miracle actually getting pregnant and having a healthy baby really is! I was practically shaking on that ultrasound table. Deep down I knew I trusted God and that everything would be okay, but you still worry. We're human! ;) And also, the years in between babies is easier than you think... it all comes back like second nature! You'll do great! I'll be praying for your echo and for you to have a peace about it. Can't wait to follow this exciting new phase of your journey!