Thursday, March 29, 2018

Weeds and Wildflowers

Back to my annual posting on the blog! LOL It has been way too long friends.  SO much and then not really a lot have been going on around here.  This past year has been a year of growth in all directions, steadily plodding forward day by day.  The kids are growing at rapid speed physically and emotionally which has me digging deep and looking up DAILY (sometimes every minute!) for strength!  It is a unique season of sowing seeds and harvesting all at the same time.

This morning I was reading in Hosea about God's faithfulness.  The contrast between His constant desire and love for us to look to Him alone for all of our needs, and our human waywardness to desire wordly ways to fill those needs is a constant source of struggle for the Israelites, and I find it also true in my own life.  God remains the same: longsuffering with us, faithful, true, holy, redemptive and above all, loving.  Even in our transgressions against Him and His character, He chooses to offer us reconciliation. 

These weeds of our flesh can become a beautiful bouquet when we let the Master pick us, prune us and re-plant us in His beauty and set us apart into a display of His splendor and glory.  I am ever so thankful He does this when I call out to Him.  This idea of turning chaos into beauty and order is His specialty.  I took this picture of the the bouquet my kids picked for me...we like to call it our wildflower bouquet - illustrating again that weeds can be beautiful in the right setting and in the right hands!

Just some tidbits of thoughts and ponderings today.  God has been leading me into a new season of work.  One which does satisfy my longings to create my art, but in a way that I am a bit unfamiliar with.  It also involve some financial risk, so I am trying to trust Him and follow, but it is difficult!  Trusting in who God is and who I am in Him is critical for me to be able to step forward. 

And since it's been sooo long - here are some brief updates for our family!

  • Momma's got a new ride!  Yes, that's right, we squeezed 3 kiddos into the back of a Camry for a long time, but as they get bigger, we needed to adjust our transportation method!  SO I am now in the #minivanclub.  I actually LOVE it and not sure why there is stigma around such awesomeness!  It's the greatest thing in my world since Mac n cheese! Ha!
  • Liam is doing great health wise, and all other wise.  He just got braces last week...Where is my little boy....gosh he is growing up fast!  We had his biannual cardio check up a couple weeks ago and there remains no change on the echocardiogram, wooohooo!  This is good news for us.  I believe his pressure remain in the 40/50 range, which is stable for him.  We do however, need to go get him a MRI of the heart as a baseline for future visits, to be sure the right side of the heart looks good and is not growing (meaning overworking or enlarging).  They are unable to accurately see this aspect of his heart on the echo.  We have this scheduled for May 7th.  He will be doing this unsedated, which we think will be fine, but challenging for him to be calm and still.  We would covet your prayers for him for this test! 
  • Noah is doing great as well.  He is FULL of life and energy, headstrong, confident and detail oriented (a.k.a. takes everything apart and curious about EVERY.THING).  I call him my "passionate" child!  He is a joy, and growing into such a smart and funny young boy.  Parenting him seems to still be a bit of a challenge at this age, but he is teaching me to grow in that.  It's never a dull day around here!  
  • Adeline is just the sweetest, but can get a little bossy with her brothers!  And they let her! Haha.  She is very motherly and loving with them, already showing empathy towards her brothers's meltdowns and frustrations by patting them on the back and trying to hug them during those moments.  She is STILL napping 2x a day which is a WIN in my book!  She is generally content and happy as long as she has something to munch on....definitely my best eater so far! Ha!  She is also in 94% for height, so she is growing quickly!  She is pure sweetness at 16 months old.
  •  Dustin and I are doing well also, still plugging along on our fixer upper home, doing various projects here and there.  Maybe someday I'll post some before and afters! Other than that, we are not growing like weeds, and have turned into fabulous adults, LOL! Just kidding, we are just not as exciting as the kids.

Hopefully I'll be able to update more frequently here!  Thanks for stopping by!

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