Friday, January 1, 2010

1.1.10 - Happy New Year!

Our New Year started off with a bang for sure.  Dustin, Liam and I all stayed over at my parents house last night.  It was Liam's first night away from home (besides the hospital of course).  Dustin packed up all 20 of our bags - or what seemed like endless amounts of "baby stuff" and made the trip down to Bedford.  My dad had already taken a load of stuff earlier from our house with Liam.  We made it with mostly everything we needed, mainly the pack in play and his feeding equipment.  I have not stayed over at my parents house in quite awhile, so having Dustin and Liam with me would be quite interesting.  We had a full house.  Let the fun begin!

So, the evening went well.  We seemed to have everything we needed.  Liam did great, even slept the whole night.  That's when the story gets exciting.

I woke around 5:45 to start to get his bottle ready.  Had to get up a little earlier because I was without my coveted bottle warmer (1 minute for a warm bottle definately spoiled me!).  As I groggily started getting things ready, a little voice told me "Go check on Liam...".  This wasn't an unusual request, as frequently Liam will start getting squirmy when I get up in the mornings, but give him his binkie and he goes right back to sleep.  So, that was the plan.  As I went and peeked over his crib, I saw an interesting sight.  Liam had slid down to the end of the pack n play (we put blankets underneath, so he could sleep on a little incline for his reflux) and his arms were waving around GLOVELESS.  I started getting a little panicky, as the gloves are a very important part of his attire.  Since it was dark in the room still, I couldn't see the details of his face, but immediately started rubbing my hands over his cheek to find the one thing I had a funny feeling I wouldn't find....His TUBE.  Yes, that's right, our little Liam had had a great time during the night and had ripped his tube out of his nose, tape and all.  I immediately turned the light on and as he squinted and squirmed, he had a peculiar little smile on his face...FREE AT LAST!  I knew what he was thinking....I couldn't help but stand there in awe of the mischevious little booger that was my son...

I found the tube laying behind his head with the tape still attached.  His little cheek was as red as can be.  I was perplexed as I never heard him ever utter a sound during the night...As he always cries loudly whenever I dare to touch his tape and change it out.  No sounds, not even a peep.  I had NO idea what he was up to right next to me. we go again.  Couldn't he had just waited?  We are hopefully getting that tummy tube put in SOON.  Not soon enough I guess...

By this time, I have already woke Dustin up off the couch.  I asked him to call the Urgent Care Center to see when they open.  I figured I pay the $20 copay to have someone have to deal with putting a new tube in.  Man...New Years day...great timing on this one, don't open til 8.  It is 6.  Liam hasn't eaten since 9 the previous night....don't think that's gonna cut it.  Dustin and I look at eachother and realize, we are gonna have to do this...again.

Luckily, I had thrown a new tube in the feeding bag as a "just in case".  I am queen of "just in case" packing.  I think this was the first time I have ever used my "just in case" item come to think of it though.  So, Dustin got the job of putting the tube back down.  In less than 10 seconds, Liam was all fixed up, and without more than a few fusses. We check it and it's good, no coughing, no fussing.  Easy as pie.  Let the New Year begin....

Needless to say, our decision to have a more permanent feeding tube put in has been a fairly easy one.  It obviously wasn't out first choice two months ago, but at this point it just makes sense.  I had an appointment yesterday with a Gastrointestinal Specialist and she confirmed our decision.  She also recommended we get an Upper GI series done to make sure his gastro track was working properly first and then schedule a consult with the surgeon to go over the surgery.  The GI series will be next Wednesday and then we will meet with the surgeon on Thursday...hopefully, we can then schedule the surgery ASAP.  Then Liam will really be free at last...and for good.

My prayer for this year is for us to keep growing strong and have a healthy boy.  His next surgery will be quickly approaching, and the new year will have a lot of untraveled, uphill roads for us to travel.  I chose the song to the slideshow after hearing it on a Christian radio station on TV one day while home on maternity leave.  I thought the words were perfectly fitting for any parent, knowing that their child will eventually face the real, raw world.  But, we are always safe in God's arms.  He is always holding us...we just need to remember to cling tightly to Him too. 

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