Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1.20.10 - Home Sweet Home!

We are finally home! Another night at the hospital went really well. Liam slept the whole night through so thankfully I was able to get a couple hours of sleep in myself. The new tube is working out great - no problems so far. The doc came in about 7:30 this morning and told us we could go, so we were home by about 9:00 am. Liam is a little champ - He seems so much happier with this tube than the NG tube. It is a little more difficult to use at first, but in 4 weeks he will get the button on and that should make things a little smoother.

This morning I was thinking about the Lord's provision. I used to think of it mainly in terms of financial provision, because that seemed to be what we always needed...However, thinking over the last few days I have realized that, of course, God is bigger than that. His provision goes far beyond what you or I ever thought it could mean. For us, it has been the wonderful doctors and surgeons that the Lord has placed on our path. It has been the supportive friends, family and workplaces that we have around us. It is all the things that the Lord brings together for our benefit and to make good out of our situation...The Lord's provision means ALL the blessings in every form he has provided us. He never stops providing...He has a limitless and unending supply for our needs, joyfully and faithfully meeting them daily...and will for any of yours too! Thank you Lord, for your endless supply!

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