Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1.26.10 - Monday

So last night, I realized Liam is growing up…he is now fully aware of everything that is going on around him (and I am now aware that he is aware!) ….he had his first “attachment” tantrum.  Let me start by saying I have designated Monday’s as my…(Mom’s Off Night), so after work I go work out and then go to bible study.  Dustin and I agreed we each need a night off once a week to do our own thing while the other watches Liam.  Well, last night was my first official night off.  We got Liam all set up for his 5 pm feeding, Dustin got fed as well, kissed them both goodbye and I was off.  Liam was a little fussy as I was walking out the door, but I just thought he was a little gassy…Well, I called to check on them on the way to bible study and I could hear Liam in a screaming fit in the background…poor Dustin.  Our conversation went something like this…

“How’s Liam doing?”

“I think you can hear that….”(Liam screaming and crying in background)

“Well, did you try…”

“YES, I tried everything you told me to do and nothing worked.  I put him down and I’m just going to let him cry it out.”

“Well why don’t you…”

“I’ve tried everything you told me to do” 

Silence (besides the screaming in background)…..

“Do you need me to come home? I can turn around”

more silence…..


more silence…..

“I think you’re doing great, you can handle it.”

And finally….“What time will you be home?”

long sigh….

We hung up and I quickly called my mommy friends if they had experienced this so early in their children.  Oh yes, my friend, totally normal they told me.  Huh…Who knew?

So when I arrived home an hour and ½ later, Liam is STILL crying.  Uh oh. Dustin didn’t have a very warm welcome for me, as one can imagine.  I came in, scooped Liam up, bounced him for a minute or so and he was out like a light….Hmmmm.  I think he missed me….Honestly, it made me feel REALLY good as a mom, however I feel bad Dustin had to suffer.  Someday it will be the other way around I’m sure. 

I never realized how young babies can first become aware of their surroundings so intently.  I thought we had a least another couple months before Liam had this kind of reaction. 

Other than the attachment issues (LOL) Liam is doing great.  His new tube is working out just fine, but I can’t wait to get the button put on.  Right now, the long rubber tube projecting out of him is a little intimidating at times, especially when he gets active and starts grabbing and pulling at everything in sight!  Another 3 weeks…we can do it.

As far as his next surgery goes, no date has been set yet.  The cardiologist thinks it will be when Liam is about 7 months old, depending on a number of different factors.  Liam will be 4 months old next week!  We have two appointments next week, Tuesday at the cardiologist and then Wednesday will be his 4 month well check with a new pediatrician we are trying out.  His next check on the vocal chords won’t be until the first of March, and from there we will decide when we will do another swallow study.  Whew, lots going on with him. 

P.S.  My New Year’s resolution is to do at least 3 blog post a week, so PLEASE hold me accountable!!  If you see I haven’t posted in awhile, give me a shout =)  We love all of you friends and family and want to thank you for you love, support and prayers!  We are ALWAYS in need of them!

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