Sunday, August 1, 2010

8.1.10 - Weekend fun!

This weekend was so much fun!  We had another family weekend with Dustin's sister, Amber, Uncle Mike and our nieces and Dustin's younger sister, Katie was in town as well.  It was so great to get everyone together - I just LOVE family weekends!!

The weekend started off with a birthday celebration for all the kids, since we can't all seem to get together on all their actual birthdays, we thought it would be fun to just have a celebration once a year during the summer, since we have started making it a tradition to keep our nieces, Tori, Lauren and Grace and Dustin's younger sister Katie for the weekend. 

Happy birthday everyone!!  This was Liam's first look at a birthday cake.  I am SO praying hard he can take a bite of some for his real birthday coming up soon =)

We had some more fun playing the Wii and just hanging out all afternoon.

Dustin took the girls shopping that evening to get a little birthday present for each of them.  He also came back with a new toy for Liam...

 Liam's first walker!

I didn't even know they still made these until a few weeks ago...Guess they are quite popular again!  Liam wasn't quite sure what to do, he just played in it like he does his exersaucer.  Hopefully this will help his agility a little more....not sure.  Just thought it'd be fun to try it out.

It's time for bed, but why not play some more?  It is still SUMMER!!

Sunday was the big day.  Hawaiian Falls day!!  Our first outing to any kind of water activity...or park for that matter.  Here the kids are bright and shining first thing this morning ready to go...

After several trips to CVS for swim diapers and more snacks, we finally made it!  I was really praying for this adventure for Liam -that he wouldn't get sunburned or dehydrated or some kind of weird infection from the water and that he would have fun!  We did get in the water a little.  Liam and I went and sat in the shallow water of the wave pool for a while, then went over to the kids area, where he splashed around sitting in the shallow water for a little while.  It was tough planning though.  His nap time was going to fall smack dab in the middle of our trip, but luckily our house is just minutes from the park.  After about 45 minutes of playing, he was tired, so I brought him back to the shade where he did this for the next HOUR...

Naptime in the sun!

 Noise?  What noise?  I'm sleepin!

Dad wants me to wake up to go have some fun!

Unfortunately these were the only pics I got of Liam at the park.  We did go back out and played for another 30 minutes after his nap, but then had to go back home so I could give him his feeding... Liam and I then both napped for a good two hours!  We had planned on going back to the park after his feeding and nap, and I really wanted to go back so I could take some more pics, but we decided to stay in.  I think he had enough of the sun and fun for one day! Thankfully, we did escape without a sunburn or dehydration, and hopefully no weird infection either!

We had such a great time this weekend, it was nice being together as a family and sharing a piece of normal family life for a change.  I am glad Liam is so easy going and really is a good sport about a lot of our "trying out" things we do with him!  God bless him!

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  1. I love those pictures of Liam. Super cute!! Glad you guys had a great time!