Monday, August 30, 2010

8.30.10 - Happy 11 months Liam!

As we are turning the corner toward Liam turning ONE (I just can't believe it's almost here already!), I am rejoicing that we are where we are today, but also reflecting on the long road it took to get here...It's a crazy set of emotions too, highs and lows flowing in and out of my head...remembering this past year. Probably something every mom does when they find their baby is not so much a baby anymore, but a little more reflective of a tiny person, who is building character and personality exponentially each day. My heart overflows with thanksgiving for all we have been given, and it's true abundance...

As we are celebrating Liam's milestones and life turning one this next month, I did want to take a minute to ask your prayers for some sweet heart moms whose Septembers are also going to be memorable ones. Baby Ewan is due soon, as well as baby Mason, who both will be born with ToF, just like Liam was. Their stories are full of faith and hope, and I hope you'll pray for these tiny little hearts! And, baby Maxson will be going through his repair surgery next month, so I also want to say special prayers for their family as well. Heart families are always in need of prayer! For more heart stories, you can visit "Every Heart has a Story".

I'll leave tonight with some pics from this past weekend. We went to the NICU reunion at Medical City and Liam got to see his old roomie, Tucker. They were adorable together and it was so good to see our good friends Dena and Trent (Tucker's parents) as they have been an encouragement and support for us from day 1.


  1. Aww! Such cute pictures of their reunion :) Only one more month and it's the big one!! Time flies, doesn't it?

  2. I can't wait to see the pics from Liam's big 1st birthday celebration. I know when Logan turned one it was a celebration for so many reasons. We had made it to see his first birthday, something we were once worried would never happen. You do find yourself reflecting a lot, releasing a lot of emotion over what has happened that past year and finding so much hope for the future.

    Praying for Liam, Ewan, Mason and now Maxson!