Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5.25.11 - WE are back from "busy"...home from our 1st family vacation!

Waiting for the train!
We arrived home Monday from a wonderful first family vacation.  We visited my family in New Jersey for a few days, then took a train down to Washington D.C. to visit Dustin's sister and brother-in-law.  It was an amazing trip, with lots of great memories and moments.  We also have over 1000 pictures to sort through that we took, so I'll probably be sharing all month long on our trip!  Liam did GREAT all across the board, he ate well, slept well and handled 3 plane rides, 1 train ride and multiple Metro and car rides amazingly well.  He is a wonderful little traveler.  We were even up against some not so great rainy weather all week!

I have some preview pictures below to share before I start delving into all the details of the trip later.  Liam has a cardiologist appointment tomorrow, so after that I will be much less stressed out and will be able to relax a bit and get some travel posts together =)  Please pray Liam's heart is UNCHANGED from our last visit...As you all probably know it was this same visit (4 months post-surgery) that showed the change and led us to another surgery last time, so I am a little nervous.  However, Liam has just been thriving lately, so I hope that is an indicator that his heart is doing just fine and that the conduit is holding up. 

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  1. I'm so glad your vacation went well!!! GREAT pictures!

    I'll be praying for tomorrow to be uneventful!!