Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5.31.11 - Bye bye to BeeBee and Fun in the Sun!

We said good bye to the sacred binkie, or rather "Beebee," Sunday night.  I promised myself, and Dustin, that I would be weaning Liam off the pacifier once we got home from vacation and after his cardiologist appointment (for obvious reasons I wasn't even going to go there before then!).  So Sunday night was it.  We put Liam down to bed and immediately he started asking for it.  Finally, an hour later he finally fell asleep without it.  Talk about tugging the heart strings.  Liam tends to always get what he wants =), so you can imagine the guilt that set in when I stood firm with my decision....Whew.  He did fine without it today and tonight, so hopefully for us, it is that easy.  Anyways, I am glad it's over, bye bye beebee!! 

Since it's already almost in the 100's here and still not officially summer, we also splurged and got Liam a water table for outside.  He LOVES it!  He played with it for a good hour last night.  We shot a couple cute videos of him playing on it...

I'm excited about the rest of the week.  My mom is coming tomorrow to spend a couple days with us, which means I'm in for a good dose of wisdom, laughter and shopping at all the good thrift stores!  I actually decided to cancel Liam's therapies the rest of the week (only PT and ECI-DS)...I am contemplating taking him out of all services since he is doing so well.  Our ECI DS said she agreed and I asked her if we could have him evaluated again.  I guess well see what the "experts" say! 

I promise to get some travel posts up soon!  Been to busy to mess with editing pictures...will probably have to recruit the hubby for that job!


  1. Getting rid of the binkie was super easy for us too! :) Except we didn't plan it- one day at nap time we just couldn't find one, and by the time we were done searching all over the house, Andrew was asleep! Ha! I think I was the one pushing it because it was comforting to ME! :P Anyway, yay Liam! And hopefully it is that easy for you, too! Can't wait to see pics of that adorable little boy on vacation! :)

  2. Hooray for no pacifier!!!

    I think it is great to hear that you guys don't have to go back for six months to see cardiology! Yay!!!! Enjoy your summer!!