Saturday, May 7, 2011

5.7.11 - Liam's new do..and other things!

Liam got his first official buzz cut today.  Not sure if I ever even posted his first official "hair cut"...was a couple months ago.  I have video, just need to find it!  Anyways, his hair was getting more "mullety" everyday, so we just decided to buzz it.  I must say I miss his long hair =(  But I know it will keep him cooler in the summer without all the hair.
Liam and his new favorite toy...his golf set!  Daddy has been teaching him early!

We decided to splurge this year and buy a season pass to our local waterpark.  Since the heat and Liam don't mix very well, I still wanted a way to be outside, but that would be a cool way to do that here in the hot Texas heat.  And since Liam is free until he turns 2 and I'm home now, I thought this would be the perfect summer to go.  Plus, it's literally about a quarter mile from the house, so no high gas prices for us!

We met with the dietitian yesterday and she was amazed at how well Liam is doing and VERY surprised that we had already weaned him off the tube feedings.  He weighed in at 24.2 lbs, which is great and means he hasn't lost any weight.  Our plan is to continue what we are doing and try to work in some more whole grain and fiber to his diet.  Liam has never liked grain or carbs too much, but she gave me some things to try.  Since we have cardiology at the end of the month (with weight check), the dietitian will return in two months.  And the feeding pump, well I'm happy to say it's been collecting dust in the corner of our office awaiting pick up....YAY!  I couldn't be happier to see that thing disappear!  We have been tremendously blessed that the feeding has gone so well.  Usually, this kind of thing takes awhile as kids adjust to normal eating/drinking cycles and struggle with aversions.  We are very fortunate and I thank God for this blessing.  Liam is truly a little miracle, in every way!

Well tonight's plan include a Mother's day dinner at one of my favorite hibachi restaurants!  Yummo!  Liam will be spending the night with his cousins.  Tomorrow will be church and then to my parents house for Mother's Day lunch....Days couldn't get any better than this!!  Happy Mother's Day to all my special mommas out there! 
Going golfing!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! I love Liam';s new do. I am a sucker for those adorable boys with the little buzz cuts!!

    We always buy a summer pass to our swimming pool too. It is the one and only thing that Logan gets to do outdoors that time of year. We just watch what the heat index is that day and thew humidity. We also typically go right when the pool opens at 1 (so it isn't as hot is it is at 3)and we usually leave after an hour and a half. Sometimes two hours if it isn't too hot. He loves it!!

    Hope Liam enjoys it too!

  2. Yeah Liam! I'm so glad he's doing so well!! Happy Mothers Day Tara! :)

  3. Liam is a Rock star! I love the new "do" and he's doing awesome with eating!!!

    Great update!!

  4. Love the new 'do! Liam is so precious! Great news that the feeding is going so well! Go, Liam, Go!

    Happy (late) Mother's Day Tara!

  5. We need to exchange information. We go to that same waterpark all the time during the summer!! Plus, we always have an ALH event there in July. Gracie would love to play with Liam!!