Friday, July 8, 2011

7.9.11 - Holiday fun

Bit late for a 4th post, but better late than never!  We had a wonderful 4th weekend, full of friends, family and fun.  We headed to my old hometown for a mini-reunion with family friends over the weekend and it was such a great time.  Liam had a lot of little ones to play with, and although it was VERY hot, we did even manage to take him for his first swim in the lake!

I just LOVE this picture of Liam and his BaBa

We also stayed in a hotel as a family for the first time...which was interesting.  Anytime we have ever gone someplace, we have always stayed at someone's house...where there is another room to go to once we put him to bed...not so much with hotels!  We only stayed one night, but compromised on a bedtime of 9:00 was too funny, because I put him in his pack n play and he immediately stood back up and was chattin and wanting to play since Dustin and I were both still up.  So, then we realized he wouldn't go "night-night" til we early bedtime for us too!!
Liam watching Dora...oh Dora, how you have saved us from many a meltdown while traveling!

Liam and cousins Josh and Ryan hanging out in Mimi and Baba's room the next morning

This was also one of our last weekends with my brother, sis-in-law and nephews.  They are moving out of the weekend was also bittersweet, as they will be greatly missed! 

On Monday, we started the day by eating lunch with the Heart Unit at Medical City.  Every holiday, the support group brings a meal so we can spend time with the families and patients who are there during that time.  It is such a wonderful things they do, and I'm glad we were a part of the 4th festivities.  That afternoon, Dustin's sister, husband and our nieces came over to spend the rest of the day.  We ended the day with snow cones, a workout park and fireworks!  

Liam and cousins Lauren, Grace and Tori

Liam and Grace waiting in the wagon for their snow cones!

We have a workout park outside up on a big hill I thought we could see fireworks from...fireworks, not so much, but we all had fun playing on the equipment to work off those snow cones!

I just can't believe how this year is flying by!!  I am already thinking about birthday invites, party themes and special outings for us to take that month...Can u believe our little man will be two in less than 3 months!  WOW!


  1. Awww what cute pics! He is So stinking adorable! Especially love the hotel story - what a great story for the baby book!

  2. He's so sweet! Wow, 2 years old. That is funny, I always plan Andrew's parties way in advance, too! Usually I start in the summer for his January bday! Ha! The hotel thing reminded me of us when Andrew was that age- we have stayed in lots of hotels now, so he's used to it, but when he was Liam's age, he would do the same thing. We always pretended to lay in the bed and sleep and then wait for him to fall asleep, then we'd get back up! Now, he'll just lay in the hotel bed with one of us and fall asleep on his own when we are watching TV, etc. It is nice. Oh, and the portable DVD player? Best money ever spent! :)

    Looks like you had a great time- I love the beach pictures! :)

  3. Cute, cute, CUTE! OMG, Carter is the SAME way in a hotel room! Just this past weekend when we stayed the night in Charleston, we tried to all go to bed at 9pm. Carter was just so amazed that everyone was in the same room, he chatted until 11pm!

  4. The hotel story was cute! I can't believe how big Liam is getting!

    I loved the 4th pics! Glad you guys had a great time!