Saturday, July 30, 2011

7.30.11 - Happy 22 Months!!

Today my little boy is 22 months...and 2 months away from turning 2 years old!!  No more using months to tell people how old he is...He will officially be in the toddler classification.  I am a little sad at how these last 22 months have flown by, but I have been amazed, blessed, overjoyed and filled with utter delight to have watched Liam grow up into the amazing little person he has become!

Dear little Liam,

You are not so little anymore!  Today I was telling daddy you really aren't our baby anymore.  And as I changed your diaper today, I remembered how small you used to be on that changing pad, and now your legs hang off.  You have gotten so tall in the past few months, and your little face is looking more and more grown up each day.  You have your daddy's features - handsome jawline, piercing blue eyes and a soft, sweet smile that lights up the room.  And that hair of yours?  Yes, the white blond hair that people ask which one of us is blond in the's so perfect on you, and it's getting close to time for another haircut soon!

 At 22 months, you officially have ALL your teeth (as far as I can tell!).  You actually like to have your teeth brushed by mommy...after I finally pin you down and get the brush in there, you start giggling and laughing.

You finally have stuffed animal friends that you like to take places, although if they stay behind that's ok with you too.  Kitty and Ducky are becoming great friends sleeping in the crib with you every night and going places with us like doctor appointments and to Mimi and Baba's.  Every morning you name them and give them great big hugs. Even at this age, I can tell you have a very big heart.

Your favorite new line mommy taught you is "Wuv you bunches!" The first time I said this to you, you giggled and giggled and it stuck.  You are so smart, repeating every word you hear...You even said mommy's name tonight after daddy was calling me into your room.  You talk quite a bit, but also have plenty of quiet times during the day.  You are definitely a thinker, which is a blessing to us that you think things through before you delve into them (most of the time!).  You are a wonderful listener and follow simple instructions beautifully.  Yesterday was the first time you verbalized understanding of what I was explaining to you by saying "OK".  I am amazed each day at how smart you are.

You have even started to make jokes and laugh at them.  You are so funny, you even use your expressions to emphasize something you think is funny.   You are a HAM and know when you are being cute and silly...and you eat up the attention!! 

You can now run and are trying to learn how to jump.  You can "hop" on your bottom, which you do when you want to jump.  You mimick everything daddy and I do and are so observant.  In fact, you love to carry your step stool around to wherever we are so you can watch what we are doing, whether it's cooking, on the computer, painting or brushing our teeth! 

Liam, you are the apple of our eyes and the joy of our days.  We love you SO much!!  Happy 22 months!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy 22 months sweet Liam!! He is getting SO big!! You're right, that doesn't look like a baby face anymore- he's definitely a toddler! :)

  2. GAWSH, he's adorable! Happy 22 months, Liam!!!

  3. Aww!! Happy 22 months little buddy!!! Can't believe he is going to be TWO soon!!