Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7.13.11 - Good 'Ole Nebby

I took Liam to the pulmonologist Monday, since his 4 week cough was seeming to be getting a bit worse...or rather much more rattly and wet sounding...Dustin and I both had a cough for weeks earlier this summer, so we thought he was just trying to rid the same thing we had.  Liam never had a fever, never cyanotic, not lethargic, etc. so I played the wait it out game.  But, just to be on the safe side, and to find out exactly what nebulizer treatments to start him on to get rid of it, I took him in.

His sats were low, lower than I had anticipated with his coloring looking normal to me...They were 93.  His normal sats are usually "normal" now, at 98-99, so this was a little shocking to me that I didn't notice a color change.  We are now on 4 a day neb treatments for the next two weeks, then two treatments for the 4 weeks after and then probably down to one a day indefinitely =(.  I had a feeling that was coming.  The doc suggested this could be possible aspiration symptoms, as Liam did not appear to have symptoms of a cold or other cough-producing illness.  I also had a feeling that suggestion was coming...Given his "growth chart", doc pointed out his lack of growth and suggested he may be aspirating and possibly have reflux...Yay.  SO, in two weeks, we will schedule yet another swallow study and see what it says.  I had planned on scheduling one anyways, after meeting with the ST this past Friday. 

So back on good ole nebby we be.  At least he is more interested in TV shows at this point, that is the ONLY thing that will keep him from wrestling, scratching, clawing, prying his way out of my arms for treatments.  And I noticed tonight, he is starting to learn what the word B-R-I-B-E even worked with the word C-O-O-K-I-E, which he has never until now really liked much.  I have a feeling that might not be the last time either.  Ugh.


  1. Poor Liam! :( We are the "bribe" family around here! Ha! It makes me feel guilty sometimes, but at the same time, you do what you have to do! Andrew did neb treatments too, luckily once they get old enough they can move to inhalers and it is much quicker! So if Liam continues this, at least you know something better is in sight! It is so hard to get them to sit still. We got so we'd put Andrew in a little chair or booster seat in front of the TV (he sometimes wiggled more on our laps) and this worked well.

    We'll be praying things get better for Liam!

  2. Poor buddy! Praying that the neb treatments help get rid of his cough. Also praying that the swallow study does not show any signs of Liam aspirating.