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8.7.2011 - Summer Camp and eventfullness!

The last couple weeks have been busy around here, and eventful...mostly good eventful.  Last weekend, Dustin and I went to Dry Gulch Camp with our kids from our church.  We were really humbled and blessed with this opportunity to be able to go with our kids to this amazing camp.  We were there Saturday through Wednesday and boy was it fun and exhausting all at the same time! 
Our group!

At the camp, the kids have their own separate counselors who stay with them 24/7.  Dustin and I could participate with our kids in as many of the activities as we wanted to.  It was just like being a kid at camp again - but with no rules! Ha!  Each day the girls and boys each had about 6-7 different activities that ranged from going banana boating on the lake, swimming, go-karts, horseback riding, etc. 

Dry Gulch streets at night...the camp is in an old western town that was built for filmmaking a long time ago...Very cool!

Hanging out in the golf cart...Thank the Lord the sponsors could rent 115 degree Oklahoma heat, this was the only way to get around town!
They also had two chapel times during the day as well.  Evening chapel was an awesome experience...To see all those kids, in one place, lifting their voices and their hands to heaven in worship just brought me to tears.  What an AWESOME, awesome sight.  We had gone to this camp before Liam was born, but this time it was different.  I found myself wondering for this first time, when will Liam accept Christ?  Will it be at camp like this?  Will he have the passion for Christ that we do?  I desperately want that for be able to experience God like see him worship like that.  I guess it just brought to my mind a new dimension of growing up for him I think I take for granted and haven't thought too much about...It really helped me see that, although Liam is in the beginning stages of understanding certain concepts and growing, we really need to be cultivating his spirit more...talking to him more about his heritage in Christ and love and God. 
Evening chapel praise and worship!

Needless to say, camp made for a very eventful week in itself.  But nothing is more fun than a little action back at home when mom and dad are away, right? So, Liam was staying with my parents.  The first night we arrived at camp, my mom called me during chapel service to tell me they think they needed to take Liam to the ER.  They found a little blood in his diaper after a BM, and my mom said he awoke from his nap extremely cranky, fussy and just uncomfortable.   God was quick to give me peace about the whole situation and called it out as an attack (which usually follow in and around ANY God-filled time for me!).  We agreed that they should get him checked out, so they took him to Medical City ER.  After a few hours of tests and samples, they confirmed he only had a case of strep throat...the blood was actually due to an extreme case of constipation...won't go into more detail there =).  Poor little guy...and my poor parents, after Liam was prescribed an enema, Miralax and antibiotics for the next few days.  I just praised God it was nothing serious.  Crisis averted.  Fitting that this year's camp theme was "Greater is He, who is in me, then he who is in the world!" 1 John 4:4 - Amen!

Whew...the rest of camp was uneventful back home, other than my parents dealing with, well you know, LOTS of poo....Praise God for them...and poo.  Not the first time we have lifted praise for that around here. Anyways, we arrived home Wednesday night exhausted but exhilarated.  Then I started busily preparing and finishing my art designs for my first booth for our Annual Neighborhood Night Out event!  After many hours of painting, cutting and modge podging, I finally had my set of sample pieces ready to go.  Our neighborhood night out typically has around 1500 people attend each year, and is a family fun event, with FREE everything, from bounce houses to pizza to unlimited ice cream.  AND, vendor booths are FREE as well for residents.  So I didn't want to miss the opportunity to preview my designs to my neighbors and get some free advertising!  The responses were very encouraging and I am set to officially have my grand opening of my online Etsy shop this Thursday.  I know I haven't posted a lot on this venture of mine, but stay tuned!  I am also dedicating 10% of each sale (forever) to the Children's Heart Foundation.  A decision that came easy to me, that my art should support funding for CHD research!  So, hopefully, it sells!!   I'll be posting again later this week with a link to my shop and more good stuff....For now,  feel free to visit my art blog if so inclined at  Don't have a lot of designs up just yet, but you can get a sneak peak at a portion of my designs (although incomplete in the pictures) and read about my journey to the creative side!

The week is only beginning!!  Liam has several appointments this week.  Tomorrow we follow-up with the Pulmonologist for his congestion issue and possible reflux, Wednesday we have a pedi follow-up for his strep first thing in the morning, followed by a swallow study late morning...Lots of prayers for this one!!  Although, lately, his swallowing has seemed to be STELLAR, with no evidence of choking, coughing or anything.  I just pray that the swallow study capture anything we need to see...whether good or bad.   I am already getting a little anxious for it =) 

Talk to you all later in the week with updates!!  Goodnight!

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