Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8.23.11 - Summer coming to a close...

I drive by our water park most days when I venture out of the house to go, well, anywhere.  It is literally right down the street from us.  I remember how excited I always feel at the first sight of kids in line each year...Opening of a cool, carefree summer.  I also noted today how sort of sad it is to see no lines, no water streaming down rides and crammed parking lot, and no kids out and about today.  Oh summer, how you have come and gone in just a blink...seasons seeming to get shorter each year.  August...I think.  And soon August will be gone and the seasons of holidays will quickly consume every last bit of summer breeze. 

I guess this summer I am a little sadder to see it go.  Last summer, we spent many days in the hospital and then Liam was on the mend for a good bit of it as well.  So this summer was our first carefree, relaxing summer together...And being stay at home, it made it even more special to get to spend that time with him.

Ok, enough with my sappy-ness...I need some advice and opinions....Please!

I am struggling with the decision to maybe try Liam in a mothers-day-out program this fall at the church down the street.  Just once a week would be all we could do right now, but I am wondering if this will more benefit him or just be another place (risk) for him to catch an illness.  I feel like he is at the age where he needs to start learning how to play and interact with children his own age.  I'm also going to look into joining a local playgroup as well.  So, what are all the toddler heart parents doing this fall?  Playgroups, MDO, staying in, daycare?  Love to hear any and all advice and opinions!

As for Liam and his swallowing...I heard back from the feeding program at our local hospital.  They do the Vital-Stim therapy and said it would be beneficial for Liam, but he would need it at least 3-4 times per week (or as often as we could come).  That being said, I am praying right now for our insurance to approve us for what is needed.  She also clarified that Liam's problem is due to overall pharyngeal weakness and that besides the Vital-Stim, there really isn't anything else we can do to help him right now...which I am not used to not having alternative solutions, so I am looking into some second opinions and therapy options.  On the bright side of things, Liam is drinking and eating a little better right now than he has in the past.  He is finishing at least his 16 oz of yogurt milk each day (which is a big YAY for calories!) and another 10-16 oz of juice as well.  I also found a couple high calorie foods Liam loves, that I wanted to share also: Yogurt covered pretzels @ 25 calories per pretzel and Greek yogurt @ up to 310 calories per 8 oz.  Although, it is tricky to find full-fat yogurt! 

I just can't believe summer is coming to a close...And, I can't believe my little boy is turning 2 in 5 very short weeks!!  Let the countdown begin!


  1. I want to know about the MDO, too! I'd like to send Carter this fall because he's been isolated from other kids for the past year, but I know any illness he catches will also be caught by Mason.

    I'm going a little off topic, but how long after the TOF repair did you need to wait before treating Liam like a "typical" child? Mason's repair is the end of September and I know I'll keep us in for 6-8 weeks, but I'd love to start back up with library activities with Carter...

    So hard!!! Sorry to ramble, LOL!

  2. I have been thinking those same things. Back to school time always marks the end of summer, even though it is still hot out!

    I think it is totally fine to send Liam to MDO, etc. In fact, I think it is GOOD to do so. This is coming from a teacher (ha!) but I am all for the structure and socialization kids get when they are in playgroups and day care, etc. It has made all the difference for Andrew. I stayed home with him until he was 2- that is when he started day care. And it was the best thing for him. Liam will eventually need to be exposed to germs, otherwise he'll get sick when he's older and in school. Andrew didn't catch every bug that went around- he's remained pretty healthy in day care, for the most part. And being with other kids and learning the structure of school has been wonderful for him- he's learned so much.

    That's my 2 cents! :)
    (For some reason it's making me post anonymous, but it's Jen- Andrew's mommy!)